Butterfly Out-takes by Clairealex


Flock of geese
Top Assembled


At a quilt retreat a friend was making a butterfly quilt, the kind of pattern where you cut rectangles, seam, then trim off triangles. I asked if she planned to sew up the triangles; she did not. So she gave them to me, and I have been using them as leaders and enders. I finally got them trimmed and started to play with design.  Because the fabrics were coordinated already, I've planned to use them in one quilt. What looks like a lot when stitching, pressing, and trimming, looks amazingly smaller when laid out.

There are two sizes. But because my "1/4-inch" seam varied over time, I have to trim the smaller ones to two sizes, making three sizes to work with.

I've tried a couple arrangements, but think Flock-of-Geese will be the most efficient. The others require adding more fabrics and more HSTs or don't use enough of what I have and leave an unusable number.

April 2, 2013  I have all the triangles trimmed.  And arranged.  Looks like it will measure 21 x 21. I was thinking wheelchair lap quilt or infant quilt, either would be 42 x 42, but 10 inch border may be overpowering...may shift to doll quilt 25 x 25.  Pondering.

April 16.  All stitched and setting triangles cut, and i think the border will work.

June 15, 2015 Totally revised border idea. Top finished. I will have to piece the back as the width is 43 inches. Once upon a time 45 inch fabric would have that covered, but today's fabric falls one inch short. Two if you count the selvedge that will be removed.


Top finished
stitched with setting triangles
Final layout and border audition
Flock of Geese
Balkan puzzle
Depression Block




I'm voting for the cream border or the paisley border - don't really like the other fabric in the combination


What great colors and I love the paisley but I love paisley almost anything;-)


Strandkorbtraum It took me a while to give up the pink, but now I agree with you.


Are these 3-Sisters fabrics? Or maybe Robin Pandolph? Either way, love them.


Dzirin I have no idea who designed the fabrics; I didn't purchase them, but got the trimmed off triangles from my friend who did.

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