Log Cabin Snail baby quilt by Rebecca


Pokey the playmat from dare to be square quilting by boo davis


As I flipped through Dare to be Square Quilting for my book review I fell in love with this friendly snail pattern and decided to make it as a quick baby quilt for a friend.  The sex of the baby is going to be a surprise so I went with something gender neutral.

The top went together very quickly so I'll likely hand quilt with pearl cotton, and I still need to embroider eyes and a mouth.

I decided I wanted to make the quilt a little larger, into a rectangle rather than a square, so I added the strips at either end and used more purple since when I was doing that baby was here, and a girl.

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Thanks Carolmarie!


Did you mail this to new owner yet? I bet they love it. And love the label how did you make it?


Absolutely adorable- wonderful job and I like the strips at either end- creates a really good balance.


Carolmarie and True for the label, I used a pigma micron pen on white kona cotton with freezer paper ironed to the back of it (this keeps the pen from bleeding on the fabric and helps stabilize everything so the pen doesn't drag the fabric as much). I did the spacing and lettering on the computer and once I was happy with it I printed it out. Then I taped that up to the window lay the freezer paper side of the Kona over the top. Then take the pen and carefully trace over it. Heat set with a hot dry iron (not sure this is necessary since the pigma pens are permanent, but can't hurt) and stitch to my quilt. This particular one I sewed on to the binding seem allowance on two sides before adding the binding. Then hand stitched down the other side, just tacking throughout he back of the quilt. I have a set of 3 pens I got at Joann's in the quilting section and like to use different sizes depending on the letter size, but the 03 is a good middle of the road one. I really am liking the look of all the hand embroidered labels that I'm seeing, so may try that on some future quilts.


I did send this off and the recipients loved it! Thanks for the comments about the strips Mymble ! I wanted to add something else and make it a rectangle so it would be useable for longer and that was my mother in law's suggestion! I had leftover strips from the log cabin snail, so primarily used those to piece the ends. It worked out well.


Carolmarie I haven't looked for a tutorial, just seen them on completed projects. I just figured I'd use a water soluble pen to write it out and then stitch. I did embroidery lettering this way on the back of the binding of the good fortune quilt I made and I think it worked out ok but didn't take any pictures of it. I'll have to look up the futuregirls one, thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks Rebecca for info...I love the hand embroidered ones as well but I also love your corner placement so may try combining two ideas into one;-)


True to place it in the corner, I cut a square and folded it in half, so the edge I was stitching down was just a fold and not a folded seam allowance, making it a little easier, and like I said, I machine stitched the two "open" sides of the triangle in the seam allowance before adding the binding. Easy peasy, sturdy and faster than hand stitching down a square. You probably figured all that out, but just wanted to clarify for others.


Oh I like the square idea so have the fold to work with...smart move! I may try this when get home depending what I find when get home;-) Maybe this is why I have been procrastinating hand sewing the binding;-) (that is my story and I am sticking to it...I do find sometimes there is a reason we have put something off...!)


True , If you already have the binding on be aware when you are stitching on the back so that you don't stitch down part of your mitered corner that needs to be loose to fold around. Not that I've ever done anything like that before or anything. smile


OMG thank you Rebecca!!!! I so would have done that...just did label nothing fancy but since I usually do nothing but sign initial and date in corner has to be an improvement. I so would rather learn this from someone else (who of course never actually did anything like that;-) than live through it myself! Thanks...

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