Happy Traveler by Readerowl




My center square returned to Idaho after travels across the country and beautiful additions and I LOVE IT.  For the back, I started with red polka dots because I love dots and I love red. But it was a bit too Minnie Mouse, so I selected some black prints to go with it, along with a strip from leftover wedges Terry sent on with the quilt top. The smaller black piece with all the wonderful quilty words is from Wordplay, the collection that made me fall in love with text prints. The larger black piece is from Road 15 by Sweetwater and includes  arrows, directions, & abbreviations of all the states, which I thought was perfect for a well traveled quilt.

Quilted at a local quilt shop by a friend of my daughter, in a loopy pantograph.  

I started with a simple center, leaving lots of room for the creativity of quilting friends who add to it. The theme is happy, pretty colors with black and white. I started with some of the stash I collected to go with the Collaborative Quilting book, but don't expect the end result to be quite as crazy as the quilt in the photo :blush:
Additions can be just as crazy or plain as people think it needs at any point when they are in charge.
The small journal that will travel with the quilt reflects my career as a librarian and interest in books.  It is small (about 4x6 inches) with a band to keep it closed. My initial instructions (below) just fit in the journal - if I add to the instructions, I'll have to make the font size smaller.

Journal to travel with

Karen’s Colorful + Black & White

Round Robin Quilt


Karen’s rules:

·         Have fun

·         Listen to the quilt and then express yourself

·         Have fun


My inspiration is from Collaborative Quilting by

 Freddy Moran & Gwen Marston, and from

Liberated Medallion Quilts by Marston.


There are no rules on width of borders and

you don’t have to keep it square.  You can

add just to the sides or just to the top and

 bottom, or different widths on different

 sides.  Use colors that make you happy.  I

love red. I love other colors too.  I love

polka dots. Stripes too. If the quilt tells you

it needs a whole cloth border with

cornerstones, go for it.  If you love flying

geese, spiky triangles, piano key borders

it’s all good.  If your border doesn’t fit, feel

free to chop it off so it does.   There are no

wrong answers.  Surprises are fun.


Notes: I do not generally prewash my fabric



loopy quilting
watching Laura quilt
pieced back
11 x 11 center
traveling journal





What a creative quilt! and great stash!!


This would be one fun and crazy quilt!


Wow- beautiful!


Love your fun fabrics, and the book! It will give you freedom in your sewing!


Love your fabric!


I totally LOVE this - fantastic!!!


LOVE it...and in a moment will be posting mine and we have some similar colors going on;-)


This is SOOOO nice. I'm looking forward to see the evolution!


Love the black and white! All of you will have so much fun with this round robin...keep us posted!!


Is that Freddy and Gwen I spy? :) This quilt is sure to be fabulous with that as an inspiration!


Emedoodle - they certainly were the inspiration for that particular section of my stash, and the center block. When this travels round robin each person can add their own take. It will be fun to see how it grows. I'm workong on a row quilt using pieces of that book. Slowly


I missed this one until I saw it on the post . . . very nice and lots of great colors and shapes to work with!


Love your journal and instructions! Will have to take a picture of mine great idea.


Love that star on point! What a great start to send off.


What is the name of this block. I think it is lovely.


Capetowngirl . and Rebecca . The block is a wonky star block set on point. Started with the Maverick Star tutorial at Quiltville and set on point with some wild black/white fabrics after a discussion here on Threadbias about how blocks on point could be more interesting. Can't remember the thread, but one of the many ways I've been helped here. Love Threadbias!


Love it. It's the same color scheme as the center of my own round robin. :)


And my inspiration and instructions were almost identical! GMTA!


Juline : GMTA was a new one for me, but I got it and yes. Fun colors and inspiring quilt books. Have you seen what others added/are adding?


I have, and I'm already excited to get it back.

Rockin' Robin


Love the back! Great fabric choices and cannot wait to see done. I keep changing my mind on what I want for back of mine...


What a beauty and the back is great too! This is a gorgeous quilt, Karen. Lucky you!


So awesome, Karen...love the back...can't wait to see it all quilted up. Mine is pinned and I'm going to start quilting it this weekend!


Looks fantastic!!!


Oh Karen I love the quilting! This is just gorgeous:-)


Beautiful finish and love the backing too. Do I detect a repeat in pattern?!


Oh Karen, it is gorgeous! Love the way you pieced the back and the quilting is perfect for it. I just love seeing these finish up! So amazing!


Truly beautiful...and love seeing the quilt on the longarm machine-great pic- wonderful quilting!


Terryt1955 Thanks for sending the extra wedges! I had fun with them.


Mymble I am tempted to sign up for the longarm class. The staff at the shop were very nice and helpful. I mostly browsed the books and fabric while Laura quilted, but I did enjoy having her walk me through it and letting me watch.


I too love it. All of the quilts from the round Robin are so beautiful. I love what you did with the back and the quilting is perfect.


How great that you got to watch her quilt it. Love the back of it too. I've thought about taking a class at my LQS on the LA too but who knows if I'll ever get around to it.

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