30's Dresden Plate by Sewexcitedquilts


Dresden plate


I made the block on the left first and I think the blades are too small for that many prints, so I decided to try one that alternated solids. 

What one would you choose, the one on the right or left? 

May 9 update:

Post on details on Dresden Plate Dilemma.

Three options, what are your thoughts.

All 30's
30's and solids

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

July 31 Completed!!!

I ended up free motion quilting it even though it was straight lines. The pros and cons here. 






Both are beautiful, but I'd say I prefer the one on the right. The solids allow the Dresden pattern to stand and give the eyes some resting space. They also allow the patterns in the fabrics themselves to speak a bit louder because they aren't competing with every other 'petal' on the plate. The one on the left is beautiful, just a bit busy for my eyes...tho admittedly I don't always appreciate busy patterns enough. ;)


They are both lovely and pretty...but if I had to choose I like the one on the left better. I actually agree with +allpatcheup's comments about the solids giving the eyes a resting place but for me they actually stop my eyes and interrupt the flow of the circle. I also just like the fabrics more and it is softer to me which I enjoy. What will you use for middle as that will matter and are you doing one or many as that may matter as well. I truly think it is just whichever one makes you happiest!


ROFL!! ;) No hard feelings...see my 'disclaimer' at the end of my first comment! thumbsup


Well, I agree with Angela LOL. I like the use of solids and have never really seen a Dresden plate which used them like this. That said, they are both beautiful and whatever you decide will be delightful!


My problem with the one on the right is the color of the solids, too bright. Unless you get thirties solids to go with your prints, I think that will remain a problem. I have seen Dresden plate with four solids, usually the same color, in the "corners." Usually thirties green. That might be a compromise. I agree with Carolmarie about vintage feel for the one on the left.


If you're going for 30's the one on the left is more vintage. I think the one on the right would be better if you maybe just used 1 or 2 different solids instead of 4. I think it wouldn't be so choppy to the eye. That being said I do like the length of the blade on the right.


Thank you all for your feedback. I started with the one on the left and thought it was too busy so I tried the solids. I like them both for very different reasons.


Terryt1955 Clairealex Interesting they are both the same size and I did use 30's solids. Up close they match perfectly. Once I pieced the one on the right I did think about using one or two solids instead of a variety.


Interesting. The blue and the orange are the ones too bright to my eye--maybe it is my display. I know when I buy online fabrics I am sometimes surprised.


When I first looked at the 2 I went for the one on the lef, but the more i look the more my eye is drawn to the one on the left. Beautiful.


I like them both. I would interperse them and not make the solid color blades on right every other blade, make it off of the "evenness" of that, you want to keep the scrappy feel of it, right? I think a mix of both blocks in a big quilt (assuming thats the final goal) would give you enough eye resting places, plus you are likely to put these on some type of solid background and maybe keep the center color consistent throughout all the blocks?


Tough call.. I like them both. I do like the suggestion to mix them up together. The colors are great and visually they look fabulous.


They all look fantastic! It's a tough call. I made a Dresden Plate quilt in all Civil War fabrics that were pretty busy but I found that when I put them on the solid background it relaxed the whole piece. I gravitate towards the traditional 30's prints rather than the mixed. I think the solid blue blades pull the eye away from everything else and you don't get to enjoy the other beautiful fabrics. That being said, I really like the idea of mixing the two options as well. And you could maybe make some throw pillows with the plates you don't use.


I think these will look lovely together no matter which ones you continue making. I think if you are making many, the variety will be just fine on the solid backgrounds. That said, I am with AllPatchedUp , I like the one on the right with the solids mixed in. This may be because the solids are a bit darker and bring in some new values.


The one with the solid draws my eye because it is different. The other is more traditional. I think that mixing them like others said might be the be the perfect solution. Either way it will be perfect.


Thank you for all the comments and suggestions. I decided I was ready to be done with this and combined the two.


Really like the Dresden plates with the pointy ends.


What an awesome finish just love it and it inspires me!


I love how you mixed both versions of your blocks! Makes this Dresden sparkle! Very beautiful! I purchased the ruler a few weeks ago. Can I ask-How many inches did you cut your blades-if you used the Darlene Zimmerman ruler.


Great looking quilt! I really enjoyed reading your blog/tutorial on the making of this quilt as well. I've been collecting fabrics for dresden plates for a while now and have book marked your tutorial!


Sewzalot Thank you. I also used the Darlene Zimmerman ruler and I cut at the 3.5 inch mark.

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