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Brain Storming


I just got a new stash of fabric in the mail today (thanks to the closeout sale at Sew, Mama, Sew!). I had no plan when ordering, just chose fabrics/colors I like. But when I saw all these together, I thought they were meant to live together in a new quilt! But, I am still learning about how to choose a good balance of color/value/print size, so I thought I would solicit advice from the Threadbias community. I would still add a few solids to this grouping. Which colors would you add? What else is missing? What doesn't quite fit? And how about a pattern to feature these great prints?

Thank you in advance for any advice! :smile:

4/20/13: I added a few new fabrics to this group, based on feedback. I also pulled out the bird fabric - it seemed like it brought in a gray hue that none of the other fabrics have. With this grouping I feel like the teal feather fabric DOES work. The solids I added are Kona Curry and Gold, and Stella Lime. What do you think?





When I first look at the grouping the green one stands out as the odd man. I want to tweak the color to be more of a deeper teal like the ore.I like all the others a lot! You were so smart to jump on that sale. I went there this evening and it's very picked over.


When I look at these fabrics, I feel like some more orange is needed, just to bring out the orange in the oar and also in the birds. The 'brown' one on the left also looks like it has some orange through it so maybe even a piece of an orange solid could make the other fabrics pop a bit (or even leaving it for a binding colour?).

The one that looks odd to me in this selection is the blue feather one at the top, just because it looks so bright and the other fabrics have a more subdued colouring to them.

I've yet to order from Sew, Mama, Sew. I really want to because they have some great prices and sales and have a wider range than other stores I've looked at, but I'm a little intimidated by their international ordering as it looks like I need to fill out another form to place the order haha.


Terryt1955 - I agree about the green! In fact, I pulled it out right after posting this photo. There is a little bit of slate in there that is close to one of the oars, but the green is more dominant. I'm SO glad I jumped on that sale... they sold out in one weekend! Usually I hesitate and then regret it.


Joke - I like the orange idea! That's one I wouldn't have thought of myself, as I tend to gravitate towards the "cool" colors. I see what you mean about the bright feathers fabric, but if I add some solid brights maybe there will be more balance. I'll take another photo and see if that works. That "brown" on the left is Essex Yarn-dyed Linen on Leather and LOVE it. It is such a rich color and texture. Thanks to both of you for weighing in. I love having this community!!


With the green gone and orange added, perhaps a dark color should be added. I looked at the oar fabric again and saw the dark teal....that may have been where you were going with the first green. There is some dark in that first green that looks good. I love working with colors.


First of all- great choices- I shopped the first day too and am so glad I did- some things actually sold out while they were waiting in my cart!!!! As for the mix- you got excellent advice from everyone here- I agree about taking out the green and adding the orange or a deep apricot/peachy pink- and definitely add some darker teal. It will be a great quilt!!!


I was wondering about the brown. It is great!! Love the idea of introducing orange, either a burnt umber or a pale orange or both. I love spending other people's money!!


Charwirfs - Thanks for your comments. You're right about the teal, and I added a fabric that I think brings that out from the paddle fabric. I love working with colors, too, but I don't feel very confident about it yet. I know what I like, but not why!


Mymble - I know, that happened to me, too! Any ideas for a pattern for these fabrics? What would you do with them?


Terryt1955 - Ha! Nice try, but I already had these solids in my stash. What do you think of these oranges I pulled?


Ohhh, love the new solids you've introduced! Have you zeroed in on a pattern? I always find that the hardest part because there are so many good ones.


Terryt1955 - No, not sure what pattern yet. Something larger scale, I think, or at least to somehow feature the paddle fabric. Yes, there are SO many good ones out there, it can be a bit overwhelming!


I love the new additions! I do miss the birds, but that's because I just love bird fabric grin pattern choices are so hard. I have so many collections waiting around for me to find the "perfect" pattern to use them for!


Joke - I know, I love the birds, too.

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