Christmas in the City by Skynme


Christmas in the city


This is for the Pretty in Patchwork sew along. I chose to make Christmas in the City by John Q. Adams because it seemed to be the closest to my skill level. I ended up making my quilt top a little smaller than the pattern...lesson learned next time use more than five coordinating fabrics. I ended up having to undo and resew blocks to try and keep the colors mixed up. Had I used more coordinating colors this would have been a much simpler process.
I used PB&J from Basic Grey (thanks ladies for the help) and had I used more colors this project would have gone together much faster. Also the pattern has some typo's in it so I had to read the directions a few times to figure out what I was missing. I still need to finish this up but so far I am happy with how it has turned out
After 3 days of trying to stich in the ditch, the quilt has been banished to the left for dead pile for now. LOL. All I need to do is bind it and its done. If I ever finish this will be my first completed quilt ever...maybe my last. lol
Finally got around to finishing this quilt. After an epic three dog battle...Scruffy has claimed this one as his.


Christmas in the City





I think you did a great job with this and I like it even better then the one in the book. Great job.


Looks great


Quilt455 and Sewbusy64, Thank you!


I love this! I think it's great with the PB&J fabrics!


You did a great job on your quilt. The effort put in fabric and color placement really makes this quilt-top great! Very very nice! Really really really like it!!!!


Thanks Amanda I also bought the fabric you suggested, it was so pretty I couldn't pass it up.
Sewzalot thank you for your kind comments. I think I will like it even more once I finish it. I just needed a break today to get some other things done.


Oh, it came out beautifully! Love that you used PB&J - such awesomeness :)


Very nice color choice and placement. The dark blue makes the other colors glow.


Caribousmom thanks for the tip I really do like how it turned out so far. I went with your recommendation since I really liked the grunge blues that they paired with it. I also loved the madrona road that Amanda suggested so I bought fabric from that line also to use in another project. Both were great choices and I appreciate the help from you talented ladies.

Clairealex, Thank you! Once I get off my lazy bum and baste and bind it, this quilt it will be my very first finished quilt ever. I have done a couple of tops but have never finished a project. Waiting to see if I want to try machine quilting or just play it safe and stitch in the ditch.


I have not had good luck with stitch-in-the-ditch, probably because the way I construct blocks (nesting alternately pressed seams) leaves me without a consistent "ditch."


I love this quilt...really like the colors and patterns in the fabric!


Clairealex- You were right...much harder than I thought. It took me 3 days and isn't very pretty. It was better than me trying to free motion quilt that would have been a disaster. All I have to do it bind it and its done

Mary-Thank you. I love the PB&J line and this quilt doesnt do it justice. The fabric was really easy to work with also. I have seen a lot of amazing quilts with this fabric lately.


You will come to treasure this beautiful quilt, because it is your first. Enjpy the journey, that's half the fun.


it looks lovely.


Don't be so hard on yourself (you should see my first effort of quilting!!!) - all those little "faults" you see will disappear once this is washed and dried and you will grow to love it!!! It is such a beautiful quilt. Don't give up!! :)


Really beautiful and an impressive first quilt! And dittos to what others have said- stitch in the ditch can be a bear sometimes....but don't be over critical of your work- it's great !


I love it!!! It's really cute! I really like the fabric choice.


Lol, at the epic dog battle and the victorious winner.

I agree with the others, so much can disappear with a good wash and dry and it's cuddly and cozy all the same whether the quilting stitches are perfect or not. I usually avoid stitch in the ditch and often choose about 1/4" off each seam (my walking foot inside edge is pretty close to that). I find the 1/4" more forgiving - it's not as obvious if you're off a smidge here or there rather than a clear the stitch should be in the ditch and now it's not scenario.

So fantastic for a first quilt! You should be proud!


Looks awesome and cute doggie! ;)

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