Catch A Falling Star by True


Wonky stars


My first attempt at wonky starts with some material from other projects...will be for me!  It got pushed back by some other quilts but working on it again now.

Update (4-22-12) all the wonky stars are now done and quilt is on my really fancy design wall (translation on a flannel sheet hanging on wall in my bedroom!).  I was worried I was going to be unhappy with my choice of a background fabric, with color and a print instead of white or cream, but now it is this far I am really happy with my choice as I just love the fabric.  Also was going to add a scrappy border but having seen it now will instead add a 2 inch border of background fabric and then just do a scrappy binding.

Update 2-9-13 Blizzard of 2013 here and I finished top...waiting for backing fabric to come in mail and since there is no mail being delivered due to storm will not be today.

Update 4-20-13 I am finally quilting this quilt!

Update 4-27-13 Done with the quilting...I did a take off on an organic stitching...putting 3 lines of stitching on each side of seam trying not to care about keeping same width apart or if lines are straight.  This is "uncomfortable" for me so was trying to make myself go a bit out of my comfort zone.  Also Gimli helped by sitting on the quilt and "surfing" it as it moved down the table as I stitched!

Update 5-1-13 Finished and delivered to new owner who is thrilled!


Happy new owner!
Quilt surfing
Quilt lines on back





I think this is really pretty, and also like your choice of fabric...I think maybe a white or cream would have been to plain. Can't wait to see it finished. Using the flannel sheet is a good idea...might as well save the $ of a design wall to buy more fabric!


These are great! And I agree with your commenter above - the patterned background fabric is perfect! Wonky stars are so much fun to do, aren't they? You'll have this done before you know it!


Thank you both...and it will be an easy finish to now just need to do it!


I can hardly wait to see the finished product! I'm loving the stars and like you I probably would have gone the plain background but now that I see this I really like it. Hope you have a productive weekend so we can see the results soon!


Thanks Terry...binding other UFO...Swoon! But soon this one will be up...I have to say it was one I started to push my comfort zone both the wonky stars and the printed background...and I am now glad I did!


Okay - you need to finish this one because it is totally cool :)


Thanks Caribousmom I love it but others took priority:-( And since it is for me it keeps losing ground. I have to finish the others I have in works and then purchase the fabric I have selected and start a paper pieced star quilt for our agency's auction in October. Thought I would try and wrap this one up as I work on that one as will need breaks from the paper piecing!


I love the scrappy look of this and the background fabric is just perfect. I can't wait to see your border!


Oh I've always wanted to make one of these. How delightful we'll get to watch you finish this one up! (Hopefully!) It's adorable.


This is really lovely. With two dogs and four cats, your portable design wall is a necessity, I think! Have you seen Stargazey quilts? Wonky is her style.


Jennifleur I have to get re-motivated and your group might be the ticket whether it be this time around or next! Sewnsew I will check her out! My design wall is a flannel sheet on one of the walls of my bedroom...nailed up there real fancy like;-). The cats like to hide behind it!


mmm, more wonky stars! some great inspiration for my quilt!


Megnificent This one I need to get back to...I feel bad that I have neglected it:-(


ohh I love wonky stars ... I will put them on my list, not that that means I will actually make them, the list seems to be several miles long ...


Strandkorbtraum LOL know the feeling on the long list...I need to finish this one as I love the stars but it keeps getting pushed back! Not fair to it...


I think your background choice works wonderfully with the fabrics you have chosen for your wonky stars. Hope you are able to finish this soon so that you can start using it.


Nexxus831 me too and thank you...I have not felt great all month with sinus and cough issues so feel like I need to get healthy and get sewing!


Beautiful! I love that the background color is so soft, but there is still some interesting detail to it.

And that poor blizzarded-over (my new verb is 'blizzarded' grin) bush!! ;)


True Well, you have shown me something good about snow, it gives you an excuse to be sewing. Of course, most of us do not need an excuse. Love you quilt top and hop you get your back fabric soon.

Conniharns your Wonky Stars and love the background print too!! Ya need to finish this for yourself! Also enjoyed your photos. You have really been blessed by the snow gods!! Hope you can dig out soon! Take care...


Conniharns Quilt455 Silsbee thank you...and love new word it fits how it feels eh? Thought of a name for this one when woke up and looked at it (it is on design wall/sheet in my bedroom)!


Love that wonky star quilt! Thanks for sharing pictures of the blizzard, looks beautiful and your pets are adorable!


Love your quilt-background looks great with the twinkly stars! And, thank you for the snow & pets pictures. Just like a lab to make a path through snow to a teeny bit of food! Glad you are coping with all the white stuff!


Oh my I am freezing just looking at those pictures but it looks so beautiful. Easy for me to say when I don't have to deal with digging out the doggie door every 2 hours. I just had to laugh at Sadie still willing to scrounge for food even though she must have been cold. Gotta love those labs and their appetite!!


Terryt1955 So true...she stuck to the paths last night EXCEPT she made one path on her the bird feeder!! Now it is now snowing and blowing they have made some others for other purposes as well;-)


Ok, I LOVE the quilt top. And you did great on your wonky stars (and I love the patterned background fabric!!)

But the photo of the cat trying to get back in (and your comment about it) made me laugh much harder than I probably should have!! Poor thing. lol smile


Allpatchedup LOL if only I could have captured as she stepped off the step and sunk into the snow and her body language...and then she clearly did not know how to get out of the pickle she had gotten herself into...meanwhile I was trying to hold the door in the 50 mph winds!


ROFL...oh the funny antics of cats. ;) Tho I don't envy you trying to deal with animals in that weather!!!


Your quilt top is beautiful! Those snow pics are absolutely incredible!!!!


Allpatchedup thank it has been warm so snow is becoming loads of water really yes it does flood if too fast;-)


True Ick...I'm sure the flooding is no more fun than all the snow! We had a day where all the streets (and sidewalks, driveways, yards) turned into rivers. All the grates were covered with snow and ice so no where for the water to go. lol We're not made for this kind of weather...3 ft of snow we can handle, but throw some warm temps and water our way and we're in trouble. smirk


Sewnsew oops meant to include you in thanks above...I am hoping backing fabric maybe came today! and Allpatchedup so agree...this all over the place temperature is messing bad with us including roads!


True don't wish away April and May. It's only 4/20 today, you know the great American Smoke Out/Get High Day.Glad to see you're finally getting to quilting this. Looks great!


Terryt1955 LOL I will go fix that typo!! I had it saying February first time...clearly I have no clue what day or month it is...


Terryt1955 Oh my goodness! Since I don't teach at the middle school any longer, I forgot what day it is smile !


True want some help on the paper pieced stars? I love this quilt, by the way!


Chrissybugs thank you...which paper pieced stars?


I got a kick out of the surfer dudes. They are so funny AND so helpful!


True, This is great. I love your stars, I have not tried doing these kind of stars but once again, your quilt makes me want to try it. I just think the fabric is prefect. Hmm, I think I have the sister to your cats. Her favorite place is always the quilt I am working on.


Terryt1955 Gilmi was pretty funny he is so light at this point the quilt would move smoothly down the table with him on it. Then when I have to start another row I would pull it and him to me and put him on one shoulder while positioned quilt to start again...he would then climb back on! We did this over and over!


Quilt455 Thank you ...since I started this as my trial run with these stars I have not done several projects using this method to make the stars and love it. So go for it they are fun and easy! I am ready to have this one be done as I have let it linger way too long!


It looks wonderful- so glad Gimli has the quilting vibe too!


Mymble Thank you I should have finished this today but it was the nicest day we have had so far this spring so spent time outside and then reading in the sun! After a long winter and crappy spring sure felt nice! And then worked on a couple blocks for the bees and the Boston quilt instead...


True , Mary, I love this quilt! Your wonky stars are great!


Rebeccajeffsmith thank you it was actually a hard one to let go...I was going to keep it but "owed" someone a quilt as a thank you and so gave her the choice of this one or to wait and she loved it so off it went.


Oh, Mary! I know how hard it is to let them go!! But if we didn't do that sometimes, we'd be overrun with quilts! As it is, I don't have enough wall space for all my wall hangings, so I'm weeding them out as well.


Very pretty!


This is really pretty, and I love your quilting!


Menolly13 Renee27 thank you both...I had this one around so long working on it I miss it!

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