9 Patch Charm Quilt by Mymble


9 patch charm


This is a variation on the 9 Patch Charm quilt from Art to Heart book Cider Mill Road.  I am making it for a friend who is recovering from cancer.
 The fabric is Spirit by Moda. The sashing is Kona- think its cocoa? The original has thin sashing between the mixed up 9 patches but this time I decided to put it around each grouping, and then it just seemed to need a pieced border so I just continued the same idea- off centered.
I think the back will be a vivid teal- because that's what I have on hand, and I'm trying to work from my stash these days ( trying not always succeeding;) and it should work- I'll probably work in a strip of some of the leftover scraps of Spirit. I also have a star block I made especially for the recipient- will work that in too.
Update: Quilted and bound- yay! I have not had major success in the past with using two colors but I used my new machine (My mom gave me the Anniversary Singer for Mother's Day) and both the quilting and using two colors went beautifully- I had very very few dragon's teeth and none that compelled me to get out the seam ripper as they were microscopic- yay!, and only a few minor cat's whiskers on the back and they were easily repaired and I left a few that blended in - thankfully as I really needed this to  be done:))))
I did stitch in the ditch for the nine patch blocks then straight line - 3 rows for the brown sashing.
The back is a special star I made for her. I didn't want to do a traditional "pink ribbon" quilt - but I did want to do something to acknowledge her amazing fight against breast cancer-( so far she has had nothing but positive results and looks to be on her way to remission/cancer free) so the star has a pink ribbon in it. I hope this quilt will be a celebration and let her know what an amazing inspiration she has been and continues to be.





I just love this quilt and how kind of you! I agree the brown really shows off the other fabrics so well and I love the border!!


Carolmarie Thanks :0 I hear you- when I say not always succeeding I mean it-the "need" bug bit me recently with the new Heather Ross and a few other bits and pieces- what is it about fabric- I have scrapbooking friends who go hog wild but they don't seem to love their paper supplies like we love our fabric:))))


True Thanks - I hope she likes it- she's not a fussy kind of person so I wanted to keep it modern and still pretty:)...and yes, I'm sold on pieced borders- thanks to you!


Mymble :-) well the real thanks goes to Caribousmom as I started doing them because of hers...this is called pass it on;-)


True Not at all surprised- and the passing it on is one of the best parts about this site- Caribousmom inspires me with every one of her quilts!


Carolmarie Yup- and if I got a job at a fabric store- have worked in them before- well, There wouldn't actually be a paycheck- just bags of fabric coming home...so not a great idea for me- though I have dreamed of opening a sewing lounge/boutique fabric store - then I could just enjoy the fabric without actually having to buy it all for myself....ha ha- you think;) ???...ah.... if only Baltimore supported small businesses better - no sign of that on the horizon.


Great job, Margaret. And I'm glad I inspire you...but all you wonderful people also inspire me. Every day!! And that is why this is such an amazing community :)


Gorgeous she will love this...and congrats on new machine!


Thanks True and Carolmarie !


What a lovely quilt in every way smile Love the colour choices and especially love the teal backing and the star, which looks fab. Your friend is going to be delighted (if she isn't already)!


crimsonrabbit Thanks- it's a surprise and it is headed off in the mail tomorrow:)

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