Dresden Quilt by nathessey


Dresden plate


This is the second ever Quilt that I have been commissioned to make and I think maybe I didn't charge nearly enough!  This bad boy was A LOT of work.  I used Art Gallery Fabrics for the plate and a darker tonal gray polka dot for the center, and a gray polka dot on white for the background.  I used a solid Kona purple for the backing and a plain white for the binding.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and excited that I was able to finish a quilt this size (85 x 102) in a relatively timely manner of 3 months and 18 days.  I quilted it by stitching in the ditch on the plates, and around every single square.  I'm glad this one is done and will definately be taking a bit of a Dresden break for awhile.


This isn't even the full quilt. There is one more row up top there!
Last row, and the back
Back to show the stitching
Close up of individual plate
Front and back





This is gorgeous and I can only imagine how long it took and I am sure you probably did not charge enough given how long you must have worked. But someone is very, very lucky.


I love Dresdens and this is very beautiful.


Carolmarie LOL, When I first read her profile I thought to myself, "Exactly and she has the courage to admit it!"
Now on to the quilt...exquisite! This is not your typical quilt you find on etsy. First of all it's huge and second of all there;s hundreds of hours that went onto this. I say void the transaction and make a more simple one and keep this for yourself!


Your quilt is beautiful! I've done several commissioned projects, too, and you never get enough for them...no matter what! You really have to love what you're doing or else it isn't worth it!


I figure when I get to the point where every surface of my house is covered with quilts then I'll start selling them and that's just so I can justify buying new fabric.


@True and @Janquilter thank you very much! A lot of hours logged on this one. Working full time and being a mother of 3 I'm not able to log any serious consistant time on any one thing, so a project this size was a wee bit daunting. @Terryt1955 and @Carolmarie- Quilting for the most part keeps me sane, but I've definitely had moments where I wanted to launch my sewing machine out the window and spent more time with the seam ripper than actual sewing! Thank you all for you kind words. I generally don't sew for profit. I'd prefer to give them as gifts of my heart.

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