Handy Picnic Tote/tablecloth by Speattle


Ghee's handy bag pattern 531


Whew!  This was some project!  I was "commissioned" by a local fabric shop to sew a sample of a pattern they have for sale.  All materials were provided to me and I get to keep the sample when the owner is finished with it!

The pattern calls for double sided quilted fabric, which this shop does not carry.  So I had to have double the yardage and batting and quilt my own.  I also made the bias binding from yardage.

It is a really awesome design:  What looks like a tote bag unzips to reveal a nice sturdy table cloth.  There are large pockets (quilted again) on the outside to hold paper plates.  What you can't see is inside one of the pockets is another pocket that is slotted for cutlery.  The inside of the tote is huge and roomy to hold all the picnic food containers.

When  you reach your picnic spot, you unload the bag, unzip the 4 zippers and you have a nice big 42 inch square cloth on which to dine. When it is time to pack up, you re-zip the zippers and you have your roomy bag again!  It is like fabric origami.

I chose a local themed fabric for the inside and for the outer pockets.  I love the bright green color pop of the bias against the black and white gingham of the outside.

The straps are a thick sturdy cotton belting covered with fabric.

This bag comes in 4 sizes.  This is the largest.  The smallest one is lunch bag sized.


Just an unassuming cute tote bag?
Wait! It has been unzipped and is morphing into...
Something else! What can it be?
A bright fun picnic table cloth!





Cute bag!

Where did you get that material???!!! I live in Seattle too and I want, want, want!!!!


It is carried at Gathering Fabrics in Woodinville, not too far from the Ste. Michelle winery. It is a beautiful store. They have a website that you can find via google.


This is so cute...and would be a great gift for a family that goes on picnics. Even to keep in the car and with a quick stop at the store you have everything else you need! Also being from "the area" I like the fabric! Great job...Speattle!


This is one bag that I am going to keep! It was a lot of work and I want it!!!!!

Have you been to Gathering Fabrics? Lovely store and inspiration.

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