Fox Mug Rug by Skynme




Kind of a long story but shows what a great friend I have.
This weekend my daughter and I were supposed to go shopping for her graduation outfits and Friday night/Saturday morning we both came down with a summer cold. My best friend text me asked how the shopping was going, and I told her we were sick and decided to stay in hoping to feel better.  Fast Foreward to Saturday afternoon....She comes to my house with a bag of food, that she had made(carnitas pork and guacamole), and red velvet cupcakes for desert. Inside was a card wishing me a Happy Mothers Day. This is probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I wanted to hug her and cry all at the same time.
Background story My friend, my DH, and I are all Active Duty Military. My husband is currently deployed and will not be back until this Fall. My DD is 14 and about to start High School so 8th grade graduation is kind of a big deal. I have had my hands full with work, house, and family...My friend is the kindest person ever and is always going out of her way for everyone even if it means no rest for her.
She has mentioned that she thinks the mug rugs are cute and I agree. She likes the color orange and pinwheels, so I found this really cute pattern on craftsy to try (mind you this is the first one I have ever attempted, also have never appliqued anything before...many firsts on this one.
After redoing several things including the binding (go with butted corner binding...its so much simpler), hand stiching until my arthritic hands said NO MORE, and some really bad stiching at that...Ta DA its a mug rug. LOL
She knows that I put effort into it and that its imperfect just like me, but she liked it just the same which is why she is my BEST FRIEND. Love ya Andrea!!!!!!
If you decided to read through my rant be thankfull for great friends, family, and all of the wonderful blessings in your life.






This is wonderful- and the story is as well- hope you are feeling better and I have no doubt your friend will treasure this adorable mug rug- just love the fox!!


What a great story and a great mug did a great job cannot believe it is your first! And thank you for all of you have done for many of us! I hope you feel better:-) and keep sewing...bindings do get easier and then you can also learn to sew them on by machine!!


Love the story and the mug rug! What is really cool about mug rugs is that no one I know is producing them commercially on a grand scale so the only way to get one is to make it yourself or have a good friend!


First let me thank you, your husband and your dear friend for serving our country! I love your mug rug and the story behind it! Wishing you continued blessings ♥


Lovely story - and great friend. Your mug rug is lovely and fantastic pin wheels. I'm sure your friend will appreciate it.


Mymble- Thank you we are feeling better today...and the fox is my favorite part also.
True- Thank you! I sewed the back with the machine but the front looked better hand stiched.
Chrissybugs-Thank you! I really love these little mug rugs, they make great gifts and they are much faster than quilts
Lisa_Marie- Thank you! The Military has been hard but my family wouldnt have what we do without it. I will retire in less than 4 yrs and not many people get a retirement check at 41.
Carolmarie-Thank you! I agree they are, she didn't think it was a big deal, but small things sometimes really make a difference. Instead of having to make food that night I got to take care of my DD and watch a movie on the couch (just us two sick girls)
Capetowngirl- Thank you! I think she really liked it, if not she said she did anyway LOL


I absolutely loved it!! It is adorable! I will treasure it always. Great friends are hard to come by..especially in the military so I am super lucky!!!


What a wonderful story and mug rug! Having been an 8th grade teacher who also taught the children from military housing, I know how tough deployment can be, especially around a big event like 8th grade promotion! Have a great celebration!


I am so touched by the story behind the rug. Sweet!

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