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I ran into this fabric collection at a quilt shop in south Asheville, NC last year when I was having my kitchen redone as part of a 10-month remodeling job.  I had already chosen green and orange for my kitchen colors and knew I was going yellow in the living room.  These fabrics transformed my plans for a more formal/traditional space into something fun, flirty and festive.  One of the workmen called it my "dollhouse," and that has transformed how I regard the space.  I went from delighted and happy to truly in love in that little girl way that is so rare as we grow older.

Specifics include:

- Potholders (2 sets so one can be washing while the other is in use)
- Oven Mitts (2 sets here too)
- Wall accent "prints" of framed fabric using a 2nd contrasting/complementary fabric as a mat
- Window curtain/trim for 2 standard windows and one window in the patio door
- Dish drying cloths (a few of these)
- A table runner for the dining room table
- Cloth napkins (8)
- Placemats (8)
- Some kind of minimalist accent addition for a centerpiece
- Possibly napkin rings?
- Something a little playful for the chairs?


I only bought one and he needs his color adjusted, but this gecko will make a great cabinet pull to fit into my fun kitchen scheme.
It was such a rush to get the furniture moved in once the floors were down that I didn't take the time to get some proper photos of the space. At the moment, there are boxes stacked chest high and tools all over the cardboard protected countertops.




What a great collection of fabric...cannot wait to see more pictures of it in action in your kitchen

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