Bee PDX June by Petra


X & +
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What is the inspiration/theme for your quilt?  - I was inspired by Leila's Quilt from Where the Orchids Grow I found Badskirt Amy's X & + block tutorial posted below.  I made one for my son's auction last year and loved it so much I thought this would be the perfect way to get another one going to keep for myself made by friends. 

Do you have pictures of similar quilts faved on Flickr or Pinterest? - I have pictures on flickr from the quilt I made made
 Also there are a lot of photos from Amy's quilt along

Do you want us to use a particular block pattern or piecing technique? - Yes please use Amy's tutorial 

Do you want us to use a particular color or type (e.g. no Coats and Clark) of thread? - I use Aurifil when possible, please use a good cotton. 

How many and what size blocks do you want us to make? In general, one large, two "standard" (i.e. 12") or several mini blocks are considered reasonable. - The finished block size is 7.5", 8" with seam allowance. 4 blocks each would be great but if you would like to make more that's even better :smile: 

Do you want us to stick with conventional piecing, or would you prefer a more wonky/improvisational style? - It's going to have to be conventional sorry you know I like wonky. 

How do you feel about embellishments like applique and embroidery? - No thank you.

Do you have any special instructions for how to use your fabric (e.g. using a featured print in a certain way or using a little bit of every fabric provided)? - Only that you follow the tutorial but feel free to play with value and colors however you like. 

Is it okay for us to add our own fabrics, or would you prefer that we stick with what you've provided? - If you have any scraps you want to throw in go for it! 

Would you like us to return any leftover fabric? - Nope! You can keep whatever is left over and if you need more please let me know, and I'll get that right to you! 

I can't wait to see how they turn out! 





You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON