Newbee QUilters Hive #3 June - I'm the Queen! by Joke




For June, I am the Queen of Hive #3 at NewBee Quilters.

I finally settled on a block : A Scrappy Trip Along!

Fabric selection :

Christmas fabrics! Or if none available, being a little creative with stash busters or solids in Christmas colours, or metallics...

Rules :

Red must become the main diagonal through the centre of the block with the two lightest fabrics being laid either side of the red. This means that red will be on two of the opposite corners, and the two lightest ones will appear in the other corners. (My theory being the red is like Sata zipping by really fast in a blur, and the white being the North Pole that he's circling around :laughing:

25/6/13 : Received the first block from +chriservin!! I love the colours and the Pearl Bracelets works o well!!

17/7/13 : Have so far received 3 more blocks from +skynme, +legogirl and +quilt455! +Synme also used her first too-small block as the backing of a cute bee mini quilt she sent!! +legogirl also used a supercute spotty envelope. It was so fun to see this in my letterbox!

I love seeing all the blocks put together so far!

21/7/13 : Received +crookedbanana 's block on Friday!

25/7/13 : +becklin_b and +craftiebee's blocks have come in this week! The layout altogether is making me so excited to see it all come together. I've cut up at least 50 strips to make some more of my own blocks (if my maths is correct... that should be at least up to 9 more blocks). I've been contemplating buying some more xmas fabric for myself as well though the exchange rate isn't very good right now so I've been holding off on that. Have plenty of time though until Christmas but I think I'll get my current blocks together first to see how big it all comes out before I over indulge in fabric I probably don't really need :wink:

10/9/13: I've now received all of my blocks, including blocks from +kruppcake, +robynn, +quiltnwool, + emptysea which arrived over the last couple of weeks. 

Thankyou so much Hive #3 and my angels for sending these blocks!! I'm so excited to start putting them together. I plan on making at least another 8 blocks myself for the moment to fill in the gaps to make a 5x5 layout but I have a lot of strips cut out so may end up making more; not sure! Before I start this I have other things to finish up, but I have a couple of months until Christmas yet!!

I finally finished piecing together the rest of my own blocks. I'm so excited to start putting this together, though I'm yet to find something 'perfect' for the majority of the backing. I do have my binding fabric ready though! (The music notes from Aspen Frost).

17/10/13 :

Bought some fabric to use for backing. To contrast the traditional colours on the front, I choose something non-traditional!

17/11/3:: Made a block featuring the siggy blocks to incorporate on the quilt back My miodel wouldn't smile for the camera :( i've also ended up with a different quilt back because I used the previous on another project oops. I hope to start quilting this this week!! Thanks again to @Skynme for the minicharms I used in the siggy patch!!

28/11/13 :
Sneak peek at the almost finished thing! I've got a little bit of quilting left.. the bobbin thread ran out so i figured that means it's time to go to bed! Hope to have it done by this weekend, as I want to set up my Christmas tree then too!!

30/11/12 :


I put the binding on this morning and then threw the quilt in the wash and then hung it out to dry. It's now on my couch and I just need to get around putting my tree up too ;) I'm so happy with it; thank you to Hive #3 for making these blocks for me!!

I've blogged about my finish here


13/10/13 : my blocks and my bee blocks all together!!
backing fabric!
13/10/13 : my new blocks; made by me.
All blocks receieved from Hive #3! 10/9/13
All blocks as of 25/7/13
My blocks for Santa's Trip Around the North Pole!
chriservin's block
Skynme's block
Skynme's bee mini quilt
Back of Skynme's bee mini
From quilt455!
legogirl's block and supercute envelope
All the blocks so far (as of 17/7/13)
from crookedbanana
becklin_b's block!
From craftiebee!
jonellk's block!
quiltnwool's block
from emptysea
second block from emptysea!
from kruppcake
from robynn





These is going to be really pretty. I can't believe that June is almost here. You are going to have a great time being Queen. I better get my fanny into gear and get my May block done tomorrow. Hmm, got to start pulling some Christmas prints for your too.


I'm excited to get started. Thank you for posting this early. I'm off to pick fabric! running


I love these blocks BUT now I am not sure that my fabric choices are going to work for you. If not, let me know and I will be glad to make and send you another block.


Quilt455 I love your block! I'm really hoping for a scrappy feel with this and I think your block is perfect! I love how so far everyone has come up with different colour combinations when choosing fabrics, unlike my own blocks where I've thrown in everything!!


Lookin' good! I thought mine would be there by now but I guess they had a long way to go.


I'm sure it will be here soon Kruppcake ! I can't wait to add yours to the rest!


Wow Jo; just got back from vacation and was so happy to see some of the squares that you have gotten so far. I just love the look of them. Can't wait to see all 12 and how you decided to put it all together.


Okay - so Christmas fabrics (check), red in the middle (check), lightest color on either side (check, check). I think I've got it. I'll see what I can do to add to this lovely collection. I still have all of my greens & reds and Christmas whites in a bin from doing the July Hive 5 Christmas Tree block last Sunday. This will be a piece of cake (or fruitcake, if you want to stay with the theme :-)


emptysea thanks so much for stepping in as an angel! Can't wait to see what you do!


All the blocks so far look great together!


Okay~! I mailed your blocks yesterday and the postal lady said 7-10 days depending on your customs.
I'll get them posted this afternoon. Hope you like them~!


emptysea I can't wait to receive it! It'll be the last block to add to the rest :D


If you really can't wait you can go to my studio and check them out :-)
Merry Christmas~!


I just love this quilt it is going to be a wonderful holiday celebration!


This looks great!


Joke Wow, this is looking great. I love how the red all lines up.


Oooh, yay! That looks so awesome!


Wow - they look great all together!


Wow - they look fantastic


The backing you chose will contrast beautifully.


Thanks everyone for your support on this!! I'm planning to start putting it together by Tuesday grin


Joke These look great together, can't wait to see it all together.


This looks fantastic!


Love the kitty pictures!! And you label block is awesome...this will be an amazing finish.


Thanks True ! I tried basting it this afternoon but got so frustrated because the tape kept coming off the backing and it moved around a lot. I was spray basting so it got tricky to unstick it as then all the batting fleece kept pulling off rage I had to put it away before I started ripping all my seams apart!! At least my backing, batting and top are sort of all together now and not in a jumbled mess for the cat to sleep all over laughing


This is an amazing finish!!!! You must just love it!


Wow, it's gorgeous!!!


It's beautiful and I love the siggy blocks on the back. What a wonderful quilt


Love love love it...did I convey that I love it ??? heart


Love how you finished this up. And in time for the Christmas season!


True , Caribousmom , HawkFan , Mymble , Readerowl Thankyou!!!

I think this is my favourite quilt I have made, yet grin It's the biggest quilt I've made so far (72x60) and I'm proud of myself for finishing it up fairly easily!


Jo, this is gorgeous and you did a wonderful job on the finishing!


Beautiful Christmas quilt!

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