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City sampler


City Sampler by Tula Pink

Oh dear - it was kind of inevitable that I would do this quilt (especially as Sara is hosting a sew-along) - I just hadn't really planned to start it today! Now that I have, the plan is 3 blocks a week until I hit 100. I'm using the colouring from Tula's book and fabrics from my stash - which means you'll probably see a fair amount of Architextures and Art Gallery. I have a crazy idea of not repeating a fabric, but I'm not sure I'll stick to that! Also in the book, the blocks aren't named, and Tula suggests naming them yourself, so that is what I'm going to do!

Block 1: Temptation (because I gave in): 27.05.2013: Modernology from Art Gallery, Oval Elements from Art Gallery and Pearl Bracelets.
Block 2: Ellie-Jo (because I should have been finishing her quilt instead): 27.05.2013: Kona Solids, Architextures, and a random batik.
Block 3: Whitsun (because it is) 27.05.2013 - Kaffe Fasset, Kona Solids, Nature Elements (Art Gallery); Chicopee.
Block 4: Hebe and Lavender (because I want them in my garden and the colours match) 02.06.2013 - Colour Me Retro (Art Gallery). Kona Dark Violet, Pearl Bracelets, Summersville Spring, Bella.
Block 5: Fabric Delivery (because I had a great delivery this week): 02.06.2013: Pearl Bracelets, Kaufmann blender, Postage Stamps from Free Spirit 
Block 6: Horse Chestnut (because our poor Hirse Chestnut tree was taken down today - beautiful, but just too close to the house): 03.06.2013: Cup Cakery from SPX fabrics, Nature Elements (Art Gallery), Makower.

I didn't like blocks 5 and 6, so I redid them

Block 5:04.06.2013: Art Gallery: Luxe in Bloom, Floral Elements and Splendor 1920
Block 6: 04.06.2013: Art Gallery: Textures, Pure Elements in Ash and Pure Elements in Lemonade.
Block 7: Murmurations (because Mum has hundreds of Starlings in her Garden) 13.06.2013: Noteworthy by Sweetwater, stripes from Grandmother's Flower Garden by Lecien and pink solid is Pure Elements Pink Quartz.
Block 8: Square Sets (because I was ceilidh dancing at the weekend!) 10.06.2013: Snow Queen (Northcott), Natural Elements (Art Gallery), Kona Periwinkle.
Block 9: Coproliters (because it's the name of the band my Dad plays in  - Coproliters were miners who dug coprolite out of the Bedfordshire countryside in the late 1800s because it was a rich fertiliser - it's also fossilised Dinosaur dung! (10.06.2013). Alchemy (Blend Fabrics), and Flair (from Moda)
Block 10: Princess Royal (the name of my favourite Morris dance) 07.07.2013. Pure Elements in Parisian Blue and Textures.
Block 11: Heatwave (we do get them occasionally in the UK) 07.07.2013. Yellow batik (the one I used for the border of my Farmer's Wife) and Oval Elements from Art Gallery.
Block 12: Michael (for my husband, except when he has hangovers) 07.07.2013. Painters Canvas and Paradise from Art Gallery.
Block 13: Finish Along (because it is just so successful for me) 07.07.2013. Bazaar Style, Pure Elements in Cozumel Blue, Oval Elements
Block 14: Mum (just because) 07.07.2013. Architextures, Color Me Retro and Pure Elements Lemonade from Art Gallery.
Block 15: Driver and Navigator (Michael and I have found a joint hobby - pregnancy has put an end to it for the moment!) 07.07.2013. Art Gallery Pure Elements in Emerald and Carnaby Street.
Block 16: Summer rain (always inconvenient). 07.07.2013. Kona Cyan, Pure Elements Fresh Water, Nana's Garden from Red Rooster and Born to be Wild from Robert Kaufmann.
Block 17: Cake Stall (a very successful afternoon at the church fete!) 07.07.2013. Kona Pomegranate and a Tilda spot.
Block 18: Steph (this one is for my sister-in-law and uses one of the fabrics from her quilt) 07.07.2013. Kona Dark Violet, Kona Lavendar, Nature Elements from Art Gallery and a batik.
Block 19 (as yet unnamed) 07.07.2013. Kona Wine and Nature Elements
Block 20: Turf (in honour of our garden. Which now looks like a garden) 07.07.2013. Kona Lime and Color Me Retro from Art Gallery
Block 21: Motherhood (14 weeks the day I made this block and two weeks after my first scan - it's quite scary really). 17.08.2013. Art Gallery Pure Elements in Lipgloss and Dress Up from Northcott.
Block 22: Six Brothers (my Great Uncle Walt passed away a few weeks ago - he was the last of six brothers. My Granddad died a little over 5 years ago.) 17.08.2013. Kona Honeydew and Tula Pink.
Block 23: Elizabeth Harkness (in honour of the four new rose bushes in my garden) 17.08.2013. Kona Rich Red, Pink Quartz Pure Elements from Art Gallery and Funky Fruit from Makower.
Block 24: Rocky Island (named after a small island at Seaton Sluice near a great pub with lovely views back up the coast to Blyth). 17.08.2013. Kona Midnight, Faith, Words and Philosophy from Stof and another random Stof fabric.
Block 25: Wimbledon (we have a British champion!). 18.08.2013. Kona Kelly, Kona Green Tea and a Benartex fabric.
Block 26: Jacob's Ladder (the name of the beach at Sidmouth, where we went on our summer holidays). 18.08.2013. Kona Berry, Pink from Marcus Fabrics, Blythe from Robert Kaufmann, Dress up from Northcott.
Block 27: Uncle Terry (I made this on his birthday and he love bluebell woods - the colours reminded me of that) 18.08.2013. Purple solid from Moda Bella, Bliss Bouquet from Amy Butler.
Block 28: Family (The idea of a small baby surrounded by the love and protection of a family) 18.08.2013. Kona Dark Red, Saltwater from Tula Pink and Reunion from Sweetwater.
Block 29: Hand Sewing (I should be doing more). 26.08.2013. Blythe from Robert Kaufmann, Kona Cyan, Pure Elements (Fresh Water) and Color Me Retro.
Block 30: Ashes (we've won them - and it kind of looks a bit like stumps.....) two random green solids and Modernology.
Block 31: James (for my 5-year-old nephew because I know he would love the fabrics). 18.08.2013. A random solid, Cherry Christmas from Moda, Lace Elements from Art Gallery and Funk Fruit from Makower.
Block 32: Rhubarb and Custard (because the big print fabric is from one of my first quilts which I've called Rhubarb and Custard) 18.08.2013: Kona banana, Kona Mango, Kona Melon and Sweethearts from Benartex.
Block 33: Stonehenge (we pass this on our way down to Sidmouth every year - this means the start of our holiday). 18.08.2013: Kona Periwinkle, Flirt from Moda and an Amy Butler print.
Block 34: The Esplanade (another favourite location at Sidmouth): Kona Peri Brit, Batik from Island Sun Batiks from Moda, and Pearl Bracelets.
Block 35: unnamed.... 26.08.2013: Color Me Retro (2 fabrics), Pearl Bracelets
Block 36: The Ham (the main concert venue at Sidmouth festival) 18.08.2013: a random blue solid, and both half squares are from the same Hoffmann print.
Block 37: Connaught Gardens (up on the cliff above Sidmouth - it serves the best cream teas!) 18.08.2013: Kona Burgundy, Architextures and Dreaming in French from Art Gallery.
Block 38: South Beach (just ten minutes from home) 18.08.2013: a random blue and Luxe in Bloom from Art Gallery.
Block 39: unnamed and not particularly love..... 8.08.2013: Floral Elements from Art Gallery, Pink from Marcus Fabrics and Kona Red - I don't know what the apple fabric is!
Block 40: Four Great Concerts (four evening concerts at Sidmouth: Flook, Show of Hands, Capercailie and Le Vent du Nord), 26.08.2013. Black batik (left over from my Farmer's Wife quilt), red left over from Wilding Angels quilt, Kona Poppy and Durham from Lecien.
Block 41: Linda (for my mother-in-law)26.08.2013. Red Chevrons from Riley Blake, Pearl Bracelets and a random fabric from my stash.
Block 42: John (for my father-in-law. We should have been celebrating his 60th birthday this weekend) 26.08.2013. Luxe in Bloom (Art Gallery), Oval Elements and a turquoise batik.
Block 43: Road to Jerusalem (on the cliffs above Porthgain in Pembrokeshire are two old quarries called Jerusalem and Caersalem - the road to the quarries was known as the Road to Jerusalem and it has fabulous coastal views). 26.08.2013. Moda Bella, Urban Chiks, Reminisce from Art Gallery.
Block 44: Art Gallery (as I do seem to have a bit of a thing for Art Gallery it was right it had its own block). 27.08.2013. a random solid green and Reminisce from Art Gallery.
Block 45: Great Langdale (my favourite part of the Lake District) 27.08.2013. Kona Brown, Peace on Earth from 3 Sisters, Bohemian Soul from Art Gallery and a random green fabric.
Block 46: Dad (there are no tasteful steam engine fabrics so I went for another of my Dad's hobbies - he is a fantastic musician, playing for ceilidhs and morris). Urban Mod from Art Gallery and Aspen Frost from Moda.
Block 47: Nine Castles (there are nine fantastic ruined castles in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire - Carew Castle, Pembroke Castle, Manorbier, St. Davids Bishops Palace, Llansteffan Castle, Llaugharne Castle, Kidwelly Castle, Tenby Castle and Cilgerran Castle). 27.08.2013. Topography from Architextures and Paradise from Art Gallery.
Block 48: Anchor Gardens (another great venue at Sidmouth for the lunchtime ceilidhs) 27.08.2013. Flying Free from Anthology and random fabrics from my stash.
Block 49: Islands (three islands off the Pembrokeshire coast: Ramsey Island (fantastic boat trips round the island), Skomer Island and Caldey Island a monastic Island off the coast from Tenby). 27.08.2013. Saltwater from Tula Pink and Mama Said Sew.
Block 50: Carew Castle (my favourite castle - this reminds me of the Elizabethan windows) 28.08.2013. Architextures, Pearl Bracelets and Sketch.
Block 51: Nottingham Swing (the first dance we had at our wedding - longways sets for as many as will!). 28.08.2013. A yellow fabric leftover from Mum's tablecloth and an orange batik I used for my Farmer's Wife quilt.
Block 52: Well Padded (it's always a great day when your consultant calls you well-padded!). 28.08.2013. Urban Chik and Nature Elements from Art Gallery.
Block 53: Apple Pies (Aunty Lil made the best apple pies and we always had them when we visited Granddad). 28.08.2013. Aspen Frost, Kona Butter, Funky Fruits from Makower.
Block 54: Seagulls' Feet (on top of the concert marquee at Sidmouth - when it rained and got slippy you could watch seagulls' bums as they slipped). 28.08.2013. Kona Leaf and some random fabrics from my stash.
Block 55: Retirement (because my mother-in-law can't stop telling me that she has retired!) 28.08.2013. Both fabrics from my stash.... I have no idea what they are.
Block 56: Heartbeat (made the week we heard baby's heartbeat for the first time) . Boutique, Kona Chinese Red,  Mama Said Sew from Sweetwater
Block 57: Tintagel (one of my favourite places in Cornwall). Lecien, Pure Elements, Kona Periwinkle
Block 58: Baby Quilts (because I seem to be making a lot recently) 22.09.2013: Kona Sprout, Kona Candy Green, Kona Cornflower and Indian Summer by Art Gallery
Block 59: Archie and Charlie (for my doggies) 06.10.2013. Kona Peacock and So Stitchy.
Block 60: The Danube (because for someone who lives in the UK I've spent a fair bit of time by the Danube!) 06.10.2013. Painter's Canvas and Indian Summer
Block 61: Vienna (because I lived there for 4 years) 05.11.2013. Oval Elements, Kona School Bus and Kona Canary
Block 62: Autumn (because it is) 05.11.2013. a batik from my stash and Kona Sunflower and Kona Chinese Red.
Block 63: Aunty Barbara and Uncle Gordon (my husband's Aunt and Uncle) 05.11.2013. a random batik, Painters Canvas, Pure Elements and Kona Peacock.
Block 64: Edinburgh (where I studied for five years and met my husband) 05.11.2013. A Moda fabric, the name of which I can't remember, Kona Peridot and Kona Jungle.
Block 65: Newcastle (my nearest city) 06.11.2013. Sun Island Batik, Kona Carrot and a random mottled yellow.
Block 66: Aunty Catherine (for my dad's sister) 30.12.2013. A random batik, Kona Periwinkle and Kona Regatta
Block 67: Weardale (the location for a wonderful weekend of sewing, chatting and eating back in September) 30.12.2013. Modernology and Oval Elements both from Art Gallery and Kona Ice Frappe.
Block 68: Violet (for my maternal Grandmother who passed away when I was just 8). 30.12.2013. Acacia from Tula Pink, Kona Carnation and Kona Midnght
Block 69: Barton-le-Clay (my home village) 30.12.2013. Salt Water from Tula Pink, Kona Lime and Kona Asparagus.
Block 70: It's a girl (according to the scans - if it's a boy he'll be wearing a lot of pink) 30.12.2013: Splendor 1920s from Art Gallery, Kona Carrot and Pure Elements Lipgloss from Art Gallery.
Block 71: Fireworks (celebrating Guy Fawkes Night in the UK) 05.11.2013. Summer Island Batik and Kona Pomegranate.
Block 72: Ullswater (my favourite lake in the Lake District) 30.12.2013. Blooms and Bursts from Studio E, Kona Pear and Pure Elements in Parisian Blue from Art Gallery.
Block 73: Datchworth (the village where my paternal Grandparents lived when I was younger) 30.12.2013. Nana's Garden and Kona Lime.
Block 74: Tommy (my husband's Granddad who we lost in October) 30.12.2013. Snow Queen from Northcott and a dark blue from my stash.
Block 75: Phil and Jane (for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) 30.12.2013. Art Gallery Bohemian Soul and Kona Carnation and Kona Brt Pink.
Block 76: Stotfold (the village where my Mum grew up and home to my grandparents and extended family) 30.12.2013: one of the earliest fat quarters I ever bought, Pearl Bracelets, Kona Daffodil and Kona Asparagus.
Block 77: Letchworth (the UK's first Garden City, home to the UK's first ever roundabout. Home to the Letchworth Morris Men - Dad has danced with them since before I was born, and the location for our wedding reception in the Spirella Ballroom in 2007) 31.12.2013: a batik, Art Gallery Oval Elements; Kona Peony, Kona Burgundy.
Block 78: Granny Joy (for my paternal Grandmother who passed away recently) 31.12.2013. An unidentified purple and Kona Magenta.
Block 79: Poppet (the name my maternal Grandfather used to call me when I was little) 31.12.2013: a batik, Pearl Bracelets, Kona Cyan and Kona Regatta.
Block 80: Maternity Leave (it hasn't sunk in yet that I don't have to go back to work after Christmas) 31.12.2013: Lecien Sweet Broderie, Kona Peony and Kona Ruby.
Block 81: Four Hills (I love watching the ski jumping at this time of year - the Four Hills Tournament - to be followed by the Winter Olympics!). 31.12.2013: Acacia and Kona Navy.
Block 82: Just Like Her Father (we had another scan and Baby is taking after her father - awkward little monster seemingly punching at the ultrasound wand as the nurse tried to read the pulse through the cord - and big feet - maybe it was just the angle...) 31.12.2013: Acacia and Kona Tulip.
Block 83: Granddad Tom (for my paternal Grandfather) 31.12.2013: Saltwater and Kona Medium Grey.
Block 84: Teddy Bears (I've just inherited some of my Grandmother's teddy bear collection including one she made herself called Oakley) 31.12.2013. Noteworthy by Sweetwater and Kona Papaya.
Block 85: New Year 2014 (I thought this woul be the last block I made before midnight, but it wasn't - they go together so fast!) 31.12.2013: Kate Spain; Kona Purple and an unidentified pink from my stash.
Block 86: Rob and Michaela (for my brother and his fiancee - we're looking forward to the wedding next September) 31.12.2013. a batik, Kona Mint and Kona Sprout.
Block 87: Family Tree (with the loss of two grandparents and impending parenthood we've been thinking about our family trees and looking for inspiration for Baby names) 31.12.2013: Saltwater, Kona Schoolbus and Kona Wine.
Block 88: Vicky and Karl (for my cousin-in-law and her fiance - another wedding next summer!) 31.12.2013: a batik, Art Gallery Pure Elements and Kona Brt Peri.
Block 89: Christmas 2013 (my first block for the new year completed just after the fireworks) 01.01.2014: Studio E Snowflakes, Kona Ruby and Pearl Bracelets.
Block 90: Spoons (the traditional family game at Christmas - you can find the "rules" on my blog...) 08.01.2014: Benartex Sweethearts, Kona Dusty Peach, Art Gallery Floral Elements and a random peach from my stash.
Block 91: Rhubarb and Custard (using a scrap from my quilt of the same name which I finally finished and is waiting to hang on the nursery wall) 08.01.2014: Benartex Sweethearts, Kona Wine and Architextures cross hatch in peach.
Block 92: Granddad Reeds (for my maternal Grandfather) 08.01.2014: Bohemian Soul from Art Gallery, Cherry Christmas and Pearl Bracelets
Block 93: Benji (for the final family member to get a block - Michael's cousin) 08.01.2014: a batik, Kona Chatreuse and Kona Turquoise.
Block 94: Ms Macbeth (a contemporary of Rennie McIntosh at the Glasgow School of Art and fabulous needlewoman - my Great Grandmother was her housekeeper during WW2) 08.01.2014: Art Gallery Nordika, Kona Mint and a red from Makower.
Block 95: Dinner with friends (I have quite a few dinner dates in the coming days!) 08.01.2014: Kona Cerise, Kona Dk Violet and a random pink.
Block 96: The Undateables (for my hubby's friends who spend Saturdays at ours - great guys but.... hopefully one day I'll be able to rename them) 08.01.2014: Kona Leaf, Reminisce from Art Gallery and Pearl Bracelets.
Block 97: Getting closer (to the end of the blocks and to the end of pregnancy) 08.01.2014: Riley Blake Serenity, a red from Makower and Kona Emerald.
Block 98: Pretty fabric and plans (a new year means new quilty plans and lots of pretty fabric) 08.01.2014: Acacia, Kona Lavender and Pearl Bracelets.
Block 99: Nap Time (I think nap time will become increasingly important in the coming months) 08.01.2014: Beatrice Weave, Kona Brt Pink and Kona Wisteria.
Block 100: Conclusion (the final block) 08.01.2014: kona Lipstick, Serenity from Riley Blake and a dark red from my stash.

08.01.2014: so I have finished all the blocks. I need to lay them out in the right colour order and check nothing stands out like a sore thumb! Backing and sashing fabric is purchased but I still have a long way to go until this is a finished quilt!

23.04.2013: The quilt top is finished and yesterday I basted it. Now to work up the courage to start quilting!






great blocks and love your names! And goal amazing...good luck:-)


Block one, Temptation inspired me. I needed a block for a group project. Thanks!


Beautiful blocks, fun names. Thanks for identifying fabrics. That's fun too.


This is a great book. I am inspired by your progress. I am supposed to be meeting girlfriends this weekend to sew. I think I will raid my stash and start on some of the blocks. Love your block names.


Love your fabrics and LOVE the names you've given your blocks. I have finally ordered fabrics and am hoping when they arrive they are the ones for this quilt and I can start.


Capetowngirl it is such a lovely book and quilt - looking forward to seeing more of these blocks pop up! Hope your fabrics are the ones!


Great to see more of your blocks! I really love the fabrics you're using.


Aizome Thank you!


I really love your blocks. They are so modern.


Great job!! Don't you just love the Haiku section of the book?!!!


Aizome The Haiku Section is great - I'm loving these little blocks - 6" is such a good size!


I've had Tula's book in my Amazon wish list for months. I need to quit procrastinating and have it shipped. Beautiful work. I don't know that I'd want to quilt it, though. Samplers are hard to quilt if you decide to speak to each block separately. Good luck!


Wowee...this quilt is amazing! So pretty. Just the thought of making that many blocks scares me!! Love how you named them. This is quite an accomplishment.


I finally got to look at the book this is from a couple weeks ago. Your version of this quilt is lovely!


Awesome finish to this- just wonderful!


This is an amazing finish...good luck with quilting decisions!


Great finish. What a difference a year makes. Beautiful top.


I love the way your colors move from the bottom left lower up to the top right. It's so eye-catching. Lots of work here but you did a fabulous job!

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