June Block for Hive #5 by angmarie


In Progress


Hey Hive #5!

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. I am particulary excited about being Queen Bee this month - the block I've picked is one I've had on a project wish list for awhile, so why not ask you to help me with it!

Pattern: Flying Geese

Colors: reds, whites, and blues - any shade or print you have in your stash

Inspiration: Purl Soho originally did this as a mini quilt - http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2011/7/4/mini-quilt-of-the-month-july-flying-geese.html

Please follow the tutorial for size, and don't trim your block before sending it. I will trim the blocks to the same size later. This is my first tutorial so please do not heistate to ask any questions or give me feedback. Happy sewing!

"Queen" Angie (angmarie)
I made two starter blocks as examples - red and white pin dot with white solid, and a light blue dot print with a darker blue print.

6-29 I've received blocks from most everyone. I've updated the table and took pictures. Finally!

Sept - The quilt top is finished! I love all the different shades and prints. I'm really happy with how this turned out. Thank you Hive 5 :-)





Awesome block...this will be fun!! I like the inspiration quilt alot! I do have some questions. Do you want the "background" to be white as in your blocks? Do you want the block to be 2 tone or can it be scrappy? I noticed the inspiration quilt had some scrappy blocks.


Thanks! Scrappy is good too :-) and the background or second color does not need to be white. Any combination works for this.


Oh wow; this exact block and the inspiration were almost my block for Hive 3 laughing I only changed my mind because my mum had ended up making me a quilt in the colours, and for the purpose, I had in mind! I still plan on doing it myself one day though. I love it!


Okay, so it can be red & white or blue & white or red & blue, or red, white & blue, yes?
My brain is already into my stash bins. This will be a fun one~!


Joke That's funny - would love to see pictures of what your mom made you if you're willing to share :-)
emptysea yes and yes!


Do you mind if there are some accent colors as long as the primary colors are red, white and blue? I have a red star fabric im debating using; the stars are white outlined in gold... Assuming youre going for patriotic it might work. I can snap a pic if you want to look and decide... Either way i have lots of choices since I just bought a bunch of red and navys :)


beadqueene I'm open to that. It sounds like it would fit with the overall idea. Sorry it took me so long to reply!


Angie - I finished two blocks. Go take a look at them (I'm not quite sure how to add them here) and let me know what you think.
I know you wanted flying geese - but I ended up with flying cows~!


I mailed all three today - you should have them by Friday.
Looking forward to the surprise of July~! Yea!


I've recieved several blocks so far which are all fantastic - I promise to upload pictures and update the Google Docs chart this week! Life has been a little crazier than normal the last few weeks...


What a fun month it's been! I'm really loving the blocks everyone came up with - it looks like you guys had some fun with this and that was definitely the idea. Thanks for all of your wonderful work and I'm looking forward to putting the top together.


Wow, the completed top looks great! Thanks for posting photos of it.


Its nice to see how it all came together, thank you for the photos!


the finished quilt looks awesome!!!

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