Newbees Hive #4 - Month to be Queen June 2013 by Sewbusy64


In Progress


Hello fellow bees!!  I am so excited to be the "Hive Queen"  this month. Choosing a block is difficult as I LOVE all of them. Therefore, I have decided on an assortment of choices for you to pick from.  

Pattern: Pin Wheel Block
Scroll down the page until you get to the "pinwheel sampler quilt along".   You will find Blocks 1-8 listed there. You can select each block number to find a tutorial for it (except for no. 8).  Each block should measure 12.5 inches.  You may select any one of these blocks to do this month.  I particularly like Blocks 2, 4, 5, & 7.  However, I will not be disappointed with any of these.  Again, I LOVE them ALL!!!

Colors:   Bright saturated colors that contrast well.  I'm thinking of yellow, oranges, blues, greens, purples, reds, hot pinks, even some black would be nice.  I even like gray.  Prints, solids, or text fabric are fine too.  I guess I am saying just about anything goes!!  I want it to be scrappy and you to be able to use from your stash.  I prefer Kona White or any true white as the background fabric.  

Inspiration:  You may find inspiration at this flicker group.

Please follow the tutorial for size, and DO NOT trim your block before sending it. I will trim the blocks to the same size after receiving them all.  It will be exciting to see the blocks you all create.  Let me know if you have any questions. Happy sewing....and I hope you have fun!

"Queen" Cinda (Sewbusy64)


Playing with the layout
What color sashing to use???
another view
Nexxus831's Block
Kruppcake's Block
Curt's Block
Curt's Block
Capetowngirl's Block
Missriain's Block
Terrysim's Block
Drnic2's Block
Robynn's Block
Missrianin's Block
My DH's attempt at humor & participation in the Hive ;)
Terryt1955's Block
Slicksister's Block
Jonellk's Block





What a great choice, Cinda! It will be fun to look through all the block choices. Enjoy your month as Queen!


Okay I have finally decided on which pinwheel block to use. Much deliberation as all so nice. Now the fabrics...... Oh and thank you for guiding me over to this tutorial sight. Have found my block and many more.


thank you both, and you are so welcome!! I just found this site myself while searching for pinwheel blocks. I can't wait to stalk it some more.


Sewbusy64 Cinda has my block arrived with you yet? Sent on the 17 June so would have thought it would be there.


Sewbusy64 oh ignore me. Just seen on the group page that you did say it had arrived - and I now remember seeing that before. New puppy and being up too early is not good for my brain. :)


Capetowngirl Enjoy the puppy!! Yes, its here and i love it. I am going to the group page now to update it. hope to post pics tonight of blocks received


Looking great. Have you decided on sashing? I was thinking a grey. I always think it helps to make colours really pop. And grey seems to be my go to colour at the moment.


Capetowngirl I have been seriously considering grey. I think it would look awesome. I too am loving grey. Guess i need to get my Kona swatch book out and take a look soon.


Wow, thanks for posting all the great photos, Cinda. This is going t be a cheerful quilt, so many bright colors. Have fun!


I love the progress pictures of all the blocks together. Pinwheels were a fantastic choice!

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