Log Cabin ala Dr. Seuss by corginole


Log cabin
Top Assembled


Project 4 in the Quilter's Academy Freshman Year introduced log cabins and careful measurement and squaring of the quilt.  The fabric line is Celebrate Seuss by Robert Kaufman.

I practiced accurate cutting and stitching, as well as fussy cutting and careful squaring of blocks.  Along the way, I decided one of the fabrics (the rainbow) was too busy for the blocks so dropped back to plan B. I decided that I wanted a slightly larger block than the pattern called for (10 inch blocks instead of 8 inch) so I practiced resizing block measurements to figure out what I needed. I also played with various ways to lay out a log cabin and chose the most pleasing to me.  When fussy cutting faces/characters - well any directional fabric - one also has to consider directionality in the final project.

This was originally intended for my nephew as an infant - thus the heavy emphasis on red/white/black (the backing is the black & white Dr. Seuss print). He is now 4.5 and his little brother is 2.  I'm not sure who it will go to - and I am tempted to keep it for myself as I like Dr. Seuss.

I shared this one with Harriet Hargrave at the NC Symposium recently and she was complimentary.

I have not decided if this one will have a border. It is 40 x 40 now. I may add a narrow border or just go straight to the binding once it is quilted. I have a variegated primary colors thread to use for the top.


The Final Answer
Original fabric choices. The scatter print is used on half the blocks. The rainbow was eventually replaced.
First logs attached - featuring the essence of Horton
Initial set of logs added. The Sneeches is one of my favorite stories by Seuss.
2 Rounds on - Cat in the Hat
Auditioning the final logs - Fox in Socks
The Lorax shows off the final block.
Option 1 - too red
Option 2 - too upsidedown
Option 3 - too busy - rainbow fabric is out of place.




Log ca in is a favorite of mine and Dr, Seuss fabric gives it a fresh twist. The result is charming. I also have a quilt I started for a child who now has a younger sibling, You have inspired me to finish it, By the way, I really like the rainbow fabric for an inside border as it ties the white and red prints together and adds more fun. After all, it's Dr. Seuss !


Thanks! This one was a lot of fun to make. I may audition the rainbow again. I also have a white fabric with red dots (wasn't paying attention - meant to buy the red fabric with white dots again).


What a great use of Seuss fabric. I love it

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