Breaking Out of the Square by corginole


Asian nights
Assembling Top


Projects 6 & 7 from Quilter's Academy Freshman Year - Town Square and Asian Nights start with the same quilt - but different layouts and sizes. I elected to just make it once - in the larger size (Asian Nights). I think this will go to my Mother-in-Law.

This is the quilt pattern that Harriet uses for her Precision Piecing class.  It is based on 1 inch four-patch units and keeps growing from there.  I played with various layouts and decided to change the overall direction of the layout just to be different.  Careful cutting, measuring, and trimming is key here. My seam ripper had a workout as more than one four patch came off my machine a little off-kilter. I never did figure out what I did wrong in the initial layout - but there is a set of seams that is not correctly nested in the basic blocks - so somewhere early on I pressed to the wrong direction.

Much practice with nested seams, opening four-patches and appropriate pressing. This quilt was pieced in sections - there are 48 blocks altogether. Rather than attach the blocks together into rows and then piece the rows together, I joined 4 blocks at a time - like giant four-patch blocks and then added those together. This reduced the number of extremely long seams that would need to be connected. I also learned that it pays to write down your color choices when changing from the pattern - probably would have solved my pressing problems.

As with other projects, this still needs borders and to be quilted.


Top assembled, without borders
Fabric choices - initial strips constructed
First set of four-patches ready to assemble
Basic units trimmed and pressed
The three primary units from which the quilt is constructed
Assembling the blocks - these are the bases for two different blocks
The yellow block, ready to be squared
Wonky seams from pressing something in the wrong directon
Early look at blue center layout
Early look at yellow center layout
The layout as it was designed
A square option - however, would have won if I had made more yellow than blue blocks rather than the same number of each.
My final choice for the center



You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON