Celestial Circles by corginole


Interlacing circles
Assembling Top


Project 8 from Quilter's Academy Freshman Year was designed as a table topper.  I don't have much use for Table Toppers - having a hockey player and two Corgis in the house, so I took it in a different direction...  Big.  The pattern in the book is called interlacing circles and I found it very appealing.  The fabric line is Celestial Dreams by Laurel Burch.  My youngest sister has many stars and moons in her house, and the panel for this line spoke to me as ideal centers for the circles... yep, more fussy cutting.

I spent a lot of time playing with color combinations in an excel spreadsheet - both to come up with a design that works as well as recalculate the block size as the panel pieces were not perfectly square - nor were they easily divisible by three... 

Lots of practice in chain piecing and organization.  The quilt is 9 columns by 11 rows. To make pressing easier, I attached rows in sets of 3 and then joined the sets together.

The base units are rail fence and 9-patch blocks and the color placement is key to making the circles pop out.  If I could change one thing it would be the purple fabric I used - the value of the purple blends in a little too much, but I didn't see that until it was far too late to change.  I have a fabulous print for the borders and a great scatter for the backing.  The next step is to add the borders. I haven't decided if I'll use cornerstones in the borders in order to avoid having to match the pattern and miter the corners or if I'll take up the challenge to try to match things up.


The finished top, sans borders
Celestial Dreams fabric by Laurel Burch
Close up of a part of the panel
My worksheet to set up the circle colors
Mock up of a circle
Stacked blocks, ready to chain piece
Looking in from the back, the rows have all been pieced together and are awaiting final connection.



You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON