Baby quilt for Mary Elizabeth by Speattle




This is a gift for a new great niece (born just 6 days before my 4 week old granddaughter---it was a big month in our family).  I didn't make this till she was born because  no one knew her gender prior to her birth.

I had this fabric for several years.  I picked up the fabric for the blocks at a Ben Franklin Warehouse sale.  It was in a panel of 28, in 4 rows with 7 across.  Not a great size or shape for a quilt. It is interesting fabric in that it is a girly print, but not a speck of pink or purple to be found.

So, I cut each square out individually and pieced it into a 25 block top. 

Just recently at the same Ben Franklin store I found yardage on a clearance table that coordinated with the blocks!  I bought 2 yards and this is what I used for the back and to make the borders.  The binding fabric is another print I found on the same table.  The colors went well and I thought the print would make a nice contrast for the binding, so it came home too.  I made a bias tube and cut the binding in a spiral and got 245 inches of beautiful bias binding in a short time.  I have a lot leftover and will be using it to make a ruffle for a pillow I have planned.

After I pieced the blocks and the border and sandwiched it with the backing, I did just a simple serpentine stitch down each seam line and once in the middle of each border piece to quilt it.  Nothing fancy, but it will hold together.  I used my new Pfaff Passport 2.0 with the IDT foot and I am impressed!  Each curve of the serpentine is even and there are no puckers anywhere on the back or front.  The PP2 has a push button option and because I was just doing long rows of stitching I used that.  My hands were needed only to support the part of the quilt in front of the needle, and the machine fed it  straight and true. 

The bed of this machine is small, but by rolling the quilt, I was able to very comfortably fit it under the top of the machine with no bunching at all.

I am really enjoying this machine.  Yes, I know it does not do a lot of the tricks that it's bigger siblings can do, but it does what I needed and wanted it to do for a more affordable price. 


front of quilt
CUTE backing fabric!
close up of quilting lines
My new Pfaff Passport 2.0 in use! ☺
optional extension table for Passport 2.0




Very cute!


thank you. Honestly, the fabric goes so well that when people see the front, they assume that it is all one piece! A trained eye could spot the areas where my seams are not quite matched up and so then figure out that I actually pieced all those squares and the borders.

I'm actually kind of glad for some of the imperfections, because it is pieced and I don't want that to be a secret!


This quilt came together beautifully! The added fabrics coordinate so well. I love that it's girly without being pink or purple. :-)


OMG this is so darn sweet and adorable I love it!!


Love it-super sweet prints and I love that you pieced it- your quilting looks just right for it- all wonderful - I'm sure they will love it- and Congratulations on your new niece:)))

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