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This is a quilt for my daughter's beloved violin teacher who is going on sabbatical. The fabrics are a mix of many collections- everything from Liberty to Bloom Modern- which I picked out especially because the print resembles the tuning pegs on a violin- just an accidental finding but once I saw the fabric I knew it had to go into the quilt. The pattern is called Azteca and it's from Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine.
The quilting is stitch in the ditch first- went around all the prints and then I went back and did the curves. The original had perfect circles that interlock, but I went with just freehand curves that would interlock- I seriously considered doing the perfect circles but it already felt pretty ordered and it just seemed right to let it go a bit- kind of like music- practice practice practice and get your intonation perfect, but when you actually perform the piece- there has to be a spark of freedom, something of the person:) or else it's just notes on a page.  So, I figured the mix of stitch in the ditch and improvisational curves would express that. I also liked how the curves were looking like feathers- just one of those accidents that works out to be a good thing.
The quilting is done, now I need to bind it. I'm off to the LQS- I am leaning towards using a green that matches or  a burnt yellow-we'll see what they have. I had originally thought to use the patterned fabric at the edges- think it's a Bari J. print - love it but I think it needs to calm down around the edges:))).
Update- back from the LQS- got out of there without too much damage- 1/2 yd. of a beautiful pumpkin sateen cotton- and it was sale time so I got 20% off.  I think this will work nicely- the original in the magazine used a darker grey around a series of blue and grey prints, so I'm hoping using this darker pumpkin will achieve a similar effect!
UPdate 6/9/13 Finished and fresh from the dryer- love that crinkly magic that happens. Now all that's left is to give it to her tomorrow and hope we don't get it wet again from crying- she will be greatly missed:)


front- this is actually upside down but I like it either direction:)
found a beautiful sateen cotton in pumpkin- looking good:)





what a lovely gift and quilt. Good luck finding the "perfect" binding fabric!


True Thanks- thought I had it figured out but am off now- we'll see what turns up:))


Carolmarie You are very sweet- having another one of me would be helpful- but don't we all feel that way? I don't know how high my output actually is in the scheme of things, but making things as gifts certainly motivates me to get them done- and sadly the ones for my family are definitely getting done slower- but they now are next in line:))) I'm so glad you like it- that means a lot to me! I really wanted this to come out if we can just give it to her without crying all over it in the process:)))


I love the fabrics and colors you used. The greens, mustard, brown, olive, orange, oh they are so beautiful together! How lucky your daughter's instructor is. I only hope she/he appreciates the treasure you are giving. Great job!


Nice colors and pattern; and I like your quilting design decision. I also like to mix fabric lines...actually I never noticed designed and line till i started on Threadbias. I just go by look. My favorite quilt stores arrange by color and not by brand.


Clairealex Many thanks- I agree- mixing it up is good- some of these prints were pre-mixed for me by the shop- came in a bundle from sewmamasew - (before they went out of business- so sad- because she had a great eye for fabrics- ) anyway, then it was easy to add in some of my own because she got me off to a great start and some of the fabrics would have never caught my eye otherwise- now I love them all!


Love the bidding...great finish!


Clairealex I wish my LQS arranged by color!


True Thanks- the sateen is a nice fabric but FYI- if you ever use it- it ravels easily so I sewed a double row of stitching to attach the binding:)


This is lovely Mymble , great fabrics for sure. And my daughter takes violin too!


Chandra Thanks so much:) How old is your daughter? It seems like the years have flown by since mine started:)))- its a wonderful instrument you spend your life studying:)


Margaret this is a treasure. The violin teacher will be reduced to tears as she should be. To have a family think so much of her that the mom creates this gorgeous quilt is something she will probably never experience again. And the colors you chose are rich like the wood of the violin. Exquisite! And best of all is the quilting! You have just inspired me. It IS possible to have curves with out doing FMQ! Thank you so much for sharing!


Love it alll! The fabrics, pattern and quilting are beautiful. So thoughtful and kind of you to make a treasure like this for your daughter's instructor.


Terryt1955 Thank you so much Terry-she's a special teacher - I had planned a much larger hexie quilt for her when she was staying to see my daughter through conservatory auditions but when she got ill we knew she'd need serious time to recuperate...but all will be well - she's recovering and the Prep is taking good care of us:) The quilting was a gamble- I have a new machine that FMQ's very nicely but that's not my strong suit yet- nothing beyond wavy lines and swirly q's so far. Then when I finished the stitch in the ditch it occurred to me I could simply recreate the circles freehand- maybe the Quilting police would issue a citation but it worked;))).Thanks again for your kind words:)


Kruppcake Thank you Patty- I am happy with how it all came out - I'm trying to be careful with all my quilts these days ( oh if I had pictures of the ones I made when the children were small I'd be in serious trouble with the quilt police:) but I took even more care with this one:)

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