Jackson's ZigZag Quilt by TiffanyRay




I'm finally using some Deb Strain- Meadow Friends yardage that I bought on sale a while ago. I decided to mix it with some solids and make a zigzag quilt. So far I really like how it's coming together. 

Finished the top today and hope to get the pieced back done this week. Going to just make it a huge 4 square (or rectangle) of the brown, orange, green, and blue solid fabric. I plan to use the same print that is between the yellow and orange solid for the binding. 

The quilt is complete! I think this might be one of my favorites so far. I pieced the back...and when I quilted it - I used coordinating thread for each of the zig zags... it look really neat up close. I quilted it about 1/2" above and below each zigzag seam and then in the center of each.... turning at each point of the zigzag made it kind of time consuming, but I think worth it!


back of quilt
Top finished.
quilt top layed out
scorched fabric?





I have not had starch do this but have had situations where water from an iron did it. It looks like the blocks are not sewn together yet right? I would run that block under hot water and see if it comes out. Could try cooler water but hit is better on spots. Do no iron it to dry let it air dry to reduce it shrinking more than other. How many blocks did it happen to would be my other question as may be easier to make new ones. I have had really good luck getting mystery spots out using the above method. Good luck!


True -Thanks for the suggestion...i tried the hot water on one block and then let it air dry & it came out! Thank goodness I don't need to make all the green blocks again. So glad I posted this - cause I was on my way to redoing them. Thanks again, True!


TiffanyRay I am so glad it helped!!! People on here have saved me more than once...the other thing for spots is vinegar. I did not think of that earlier (I woke up with a cold and think my brain is not working like it should). A few people on here have recommended it to me and others for various stains (one was a color ran for me when water dripped on quilt? and another was rust for some one else).


So glad to hear that the spots came out. Vinegar and baking soda works well on colored fabric. And Windex works well on white fabric. I've had to use both. The first was when rust belched out of my iron. The second was when I pricked my finger on a stileto and dripped blood on my Moda white.


LOVE how the quilting shows up on this fun zigag! What a great quilt!


This looks wonderful done...really like your colors.

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