Hive #5 - June by AlieMakes




Here is my bock for June! I just used some fabric from my stash. 

Honestly.... I can't stand doing flying geese, but it's mainly due to the fact that I always mess them up somehow. THANK YOU for making me do them! I got in some good practice, and I think I got it down :D Can't wait to see other's blocks and the final quilt.






You did a great job! Looks amazing!


I love your fabric choices - you did a great job!!


Sewbusy64 Skynme Thank you, ladies! I'm glad you like it! The color scheme is out of my comfort zone, but I had fun pushing myself.


Oh I hear you about hating to make flying geese. I always like the looks of them but screw them up. Yours came out very well! And the lighthearted fabric is great!


Making mine today. Yea! This is inspirational. Think I have just the thing in my stash.


Looks good! I like the alternation of the blue fabrics.

And I hear you on the geese frustration. It took me three attempts to get a block I was willing to let the public see!


PurpleIris emptysea Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has issues with them. I always somehow screw them up... I even did one on this block where I didn't sew it right sides together. What in the world was I thinking!? haha


Terryt1955 The above was meant for you too!! Sorry!!!


emptysea Can't wait to see the block you come up with! I'm glad I was able to help out a bit :)


Oh... I made two yesterday and I don't understand how you can take the exact same pieces of material, sew them together exactly the same way and have all the points turn out great, then measure it and one side is a full 1/4 inch short. What's up with that?

I will post them - at least one of them is near perfect :-) I'm really tempted to either 1. take the 2nd one apart and try again or 2. make a 3rd one (because I found more adorable material to use~!)


emptysea I had that problem too!! If you look closely at my picture.. none of my sides line up. One of mine came out rather larger than the others, and one rather smaller. Again... I hate flying geese haha

That's good that one of them is near perfect! Can't to see it! Hmmm... I hate ripping out seams. I'm only just now starting to do it instead of ignoring and going on (perhaps I'm too laid back with quilting?). Let me know what you decided to do!


I gave up on the cows (they just annoyed me too much~!) but check out the Air Mail. Very cool I think. I love that line - want to get more of the fabrics.
And I am totally with you Ali - flying geese are a pain, but it was good to challenge myself. I just don't think I'll be making very many in the near future - though it might be easier if we try the flying Dutchman, because they don't line up the same way. Anyway,, I'm glad I've got these done~!


emptysea Oh I'll go take a look!! I have a few flying geese in the quilt I'm making for my dad... I already messed up half of them for my stars :/ Cut the fabric at the wrong size it turns out, AND I'm out of all that fabric. Boo.

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