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Over the winter I starting thinking about moving my quilting room downstairs into my daughter's old room.  We had always planned that to make that into a guest room and just got kind of stuck in that mindset I think. My current space was half quilting/half guest room and I was going to wait another 18 months until our son goes away to college to rearrange.

I started stripping wallpaper in late April and it was a disaster! You can read more about that in my blog HERE and the Gardz miracle sealer that saved my project HERE and HERE. If you are facing stubborn wallpaper backing bits and paste that won't come off without drywall damage Gardz is what you want to use!

Last week I painted 5 coats in 4 days... 1 coat of Gardz, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.  By Thursday night I could hardly move and on Friday I forced myself to not leave the room until I was DONE!  But I am so happy with 1) the decision to take over this room and 2) how the walls turned out.  This room has wonderful south and west exposure and is in our lower walkout level so it stays nice and cool in the summer and has in-floor cozy heat in the winter.  My stash is already stored in our laundry room closets where I used to sew down there.

I've got a handyman friend who is helping me make my dream cutting table using IKEA components so I'll add pictures when that is done as well as other updates (design wall, more storage, etc.).  The fun is just beginning!

7/23:  I put my design wall up today following this excellent tutorial at Oh, Fransson!  I bought the 4' x 8' foam insulation boards at Home Depot... mine are 1" thick and I covered them with Warm & White batting.


Design Wall!
Backside - Applying Duct Tape
View from Doorway
Sewing Table Setup with Cutting Table Behind
Future Design Wall
Storage Pieces Leftover from Bedroom





OMG this is an awesome space! Sounds like a lot of work but the results will be worth it I am betting. LOVE wall color and great light. It really sounds like a perfect space...enjoy and cannot wait to see the cutting table so jealous!


What a wonderful room! It is so light-filled and spacious.


True Thank you! Wallpaper is not my friend but at least I didn't end up in hospital with a badly broken leg like the last time I attempted it almost 4 years ago!

I'm so happy with the wallcolor, yellow is my favorite color and I wanted a soft shade to keep the room bright (the lower part of the walls were a bright yellow with wallpaper on top before). LOTS of prep work but it paid off.

The table is going to be the second layer on the cake... I'll post as soon as it's put together!


Janquilter The light was my big draw... I had one east window and I sewed with lights on all day long in my other space. Why keep the nicest spare bedroom for occasional guests who just sleep in there when I can enjoy it every day - I really don't know what took me so long to figure this out! lol


Stamdl I think we all do this where we get stuck in what a room is "suppose" to be for...I do not have an official guest bedroom but if I did it would be a sewing room! But I did same thing with my dining room we use it maybe once a year and have another table elsewhere we eat at...but it took me years to convert it into a sewing room. Now if I did not need the storage it provides for others things I would really go to town but I do so... And yes thank goodness no broken leg this time!


This is going to be amazing. Its bright and you have a lovely view. I also LOVE your floor in there. This is going to be an amazing space for you. Congrats!


Love the room!! And you're going to nee 4 design walls with the amounts of projects you finish each month! Love the blue roll around caddy. Where did you find it? Now off to read about Gardz now that I've removed all the wallpaper in my house AND had to pay a sheet rock guy to come in and re-texture. What a pain! I will NEVER wallpaper again unless I plan to die before having to remove it again! Can't wait to see the new cutting table. I have a feeling I've Pinned it for my future room!


True I think I have learned a good lesson and have started looking at other areas/things in my home with a new eye. We have gone from a family of 5 (my grandfather-in-law lived with us for several years) with 4 full bedrooms to 3 of us and all too soon to be 2 of us. Why not give all of our space a useful purpose? And clear out some of the clutter that is no longer needed too... after living here since 2001 it's time!


Skynme Thank you! We have that same flooring in 3 of our bedrooms and I just love it... wish we could get more of it for the rest of the house. I feel so lucky to have this room!


Terryt1955 Thanks... the caddy is from IKEA and it is so handy to move between my sewing machines. Plus I love the color! I feel the EXACT same about wallpaper... I love it in theory but will never ever put it up again. I think it should come with a warning label!


That's beautiful!


Happyturtle Thank you! I'm having a hard time concentrating on sewing instead of just looking around...


Stamdl a lovely space and what great light! My sympathy on your wallpaper removal woes. Our house was built in 1904 and we're still trying to get all the wallpaper off the walls, sometimes up to six layers but at least the walls are plaster not sheet rock.

I noticed you have Juki sewing machines. I have a Juki TL-2000Qi which looks similar to one of yours. What is your other machine?


JudyBR Thank you! I feel like pinching myself as I sew in this room.

Oh wallpaper... So pretty but so evil to get rid of. 6 layers - I can't imagine! My other machine is a Juki Exceed F600, I bought both of them in January and could not be happier. Wonderful machines!


What a lovely room- such wonderful light and the set up looks perfect- happy happy quilting:)))


Mymble Thank you! It's a dream coming true for sure - it's so nice to start with a fresh slate. Now I don't want to leave it!


Stamdl I understand that- I imagine it's especially lovely in the early morning or evening hours too- the light must be good in different ways throughout the days. I need to move out of my daughter's room as she's coming home for a while, and apart from wanting to stay out of our basement- just to gloomy- it's coming down to moving where there will be the best light- I don't think you can underestimate the importance of it:). Enjoy your lovely space- looking forward to seeing more awesome projects on that fabulous design wall space:)


Mymble Light is HUGE! I was quite shocked by how much more light I needed after being away from quilting for 3 years and I imagine it is only going to get worse. One of the best things about summer in northern MN are the long days (sun goes down about 9:15 this time of year).

I do plan to upgrade the lighting in the room this fall - to what exactly I'm not sure yet. For now I've put in daylight bulbs and that freestanding lamp is a life saver (less than $10 at WalMart). It's a 3-way and really illuminates the room.


Ah- I was wondering about the lamp- really nice- I am stopping by our walmart this week and just may need to check that out- thanks for the tip:)


The room is so bright cheery and inviting. Enjoy!


Sewexcitedquilts Thank you and I AM!


Wow what a great design wall you must just love is room!




This room just keeps getting better and better. Such an amazing space!


Skynme True yes I am just loving this room! It's my happy place for sure.


Wowza! What an amazing sewing space!!!


Sewzalot Thank you! It is a dream come true.


Super design wall:)


Mymble I can't wait to "decorate" it fully!


Ha Ha- shouldn't be too long:)))


What a great space you have!

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