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Started a second dog bed for Fleury since I have to carry his up and downstairs everyday and it's annoying.

6/18/13 - I pieced both the top (houndstooth) and the bottom (green +) and am debating how to quilt it. I think I know how I want to quilt the top, but the bottom is still in the air - not sure of the best way to quilt that. Any ideas? I'm hoping for straight lines as I haven't FMQ yet and I'd rather start on something a bit smaller in size. (And I know the two sides have nothing to do with each other - the top goes with my decor, the bottom was more fun to make lol)






Wow awesome! How do you stuff this? My dog needs one. What size are you making it? I might do dense straight lines to make it more sturdy (my dog likes to "dig" on his pile of blankets). As for FMQ, personally, I find that an all over meandering stipple/loopy type pattern is so much easier and faster than straight lines. It's really forgiving to "mistakes" and you'll have less fatigue on larger items than standing there doing straight lines over and over again. Plus, why not try out your FMQ on something for your dog? He's not going to judge. :)


Kristananne - The first one I used an old feather bed. That was torture. This time, I bought a full size memory foam mattress on Amazone for $50. I cut it in half so that it's twice the height but shorter and use that. I'm having a tutorial posted to my blog next week, so I'll update this project with that link when I'm done. The final dimensions are 37x50." I don't know what size dog you have, but I know they also sell foam at Joanns in smaller sizes, but this was cheaper for the larger size.


You have one lucky dog! For the top I would probably do some organic type straight lines in varying widths going both ways. Close enough to help hold together but far enough apart to not take a really long time to do. And great idea.


This is super cute!


Yay!! I can't wait to see your tute!!


Jess Thanks for the tips! My dog is pretty big (85 lbs) so I'd definitely be needing the big one! :)

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