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Laptop envelope


My daughter has been very patiently waiting for her laptop sleeve- so I finally got to working it out.  She had very specific notions about how it should look- and none of the tutorials out there did what she wanted it to do- envelope flap on the long side. There may be one out there but I couldn't find it- and everything I showed her was not quite it-and since she thinks I can sew anything (HA HA HA) she said just make it up.  It really was pretty simple though-just one continuous piece of fabric- slip lining in to bag right side to right side and sew all around being sure to leave an opening to turn it out. The only issues were some measurement issues - and you have to be super careful turning the corner to the flap- other than that- no problems.
 The first thing was to practice on a small version- so I made a phone clutch essentially-Liberty Lifestyle fabrics- that's for moi!. Then I moved on to her fabrics.
The first one- Paris Flea Market came out a bit wonky- working out the dimensions it seemed fine- tried it on the laptop before sewing, but when it came together- of course- it was smaller-I think it was the lining- the laptop still fits but not as I'd like.  I quilted it to meander like the streets on the map.
 So, her second fabric- Timeless Treasures, April in Paris came out properly.  I quilted that by framing every newspaper clipping individually.
 Now, as I mentioned- it is one continuous piece- so of course, a directional print then flips- which way to go ? -  as she said she would carry if with flap in, then the "upside down" version it was- and I guess it makes sense sits it sits with the flap facing her on the table- still sort looks "not right" to me but she loves it and I just need to chill! 
 I will make more of these since we all need them - my older daughter will be book fabric, my husband gets sheet music, but I'm leaning towards something really bright and intense- we'll see!


April in Paris
April in Paris
Paris Flea Market
Phone sleeve




These are so cool and I love your process...and fact your daughter has such faith in your skills!


Thanks Mary- yes- it's frightening;)))) - anyway these really are simple- it's just the fit/measurements that can go awry. In any case it's a great way to use fabric that I can't bear to cut up- and I love really offbeat/ out of the ordinary novelty prints.


I just love this fabric; just great. Your daughter will be able to tell her sleeve from all others. I am sure she is thrilled.


Thanks so much- Yes- she does love it - and I love the fabric almost as much as she does - so I'm very happy to have a bit more left in my stash:))))


Very cool! April in Paris is wonderful. Can't wait to see your other ones. You rock mom!

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