Landmädel / Farmer's Wife by Strandkorbtraum


Farmers wife sampler quilt
In Progress


I've had the Farmer's Wife sampler thingy book sitting on my shelf for quite a while always thinking I would do it if I had a lot of time - but honestly? when will I ever have a lot of time? probably need to break at least a leg and an arm, but even then .. unlikely.
So when I saw that some lovely Ladies where doing a very slow Farmer's Wife quilt along I decided to hop on the train - it's just one block in a fortnight I should be able to manage that.

Well if you want to look at the others --> click here

2014/01/11 there was a virtual retreat to get started on sampler / lots of blocks projects and I did manage to get a few more blocks done

2014/06/05 three mor blocks to add to the pile
2014/06/08 two more blocks (8+10)


Zwischenstand (sorry too lazy to go for the dictionary)
8 - Bouquet
3 - Basket
7 - Birds in the Air
1 - Attic Window
68 - Pstage Stamp
70 - Prairie Queen
6 - Big Dipper
69 - Practical Orchard
71 - Pussy in the Corner
10 - Bowtie
11 - Broken Dishes
12 - Broken Sugar Bowl
21 - Contrary Wife
34 - Flock
2 - Autumn tints
20 - Churn Dash
4 - Baske Weave
41 - Friendship Star
61 - Northern Lights
102 - whirlpool
16 - calico puzzle





Pretty! Love your block! There's a Farmer's wife group here on Threadbias!! How long is a fortnight? Look forward to seeing your upcoming blocks every fortnight!


Sewzalot ohh I guess I should join the group then ... is that a serious question about the fortnight? (it's fourteen nights - so 2 weeks)


Strandkorbtraum Yes, that was a serious question. Thank you-I really did not know that!


Your blocks look very nice Leo! Good luck with the rest of them. :)

(I never remember how long a fortnight is either so you're not alone Sewzalot !! LOL)


Hi Leo, I made a Farmer's Wife quilt and after I made a few blocks, I couldn't stop! They are addicting! Especially when they are 6", it goes fast. Your colors are great.


AllPatchedUp ... ohh this is hmm how would you call that - I would say it goes down like hot buns - but I'm sure I can't translate that proverb ... ha I know an English word that the English don't know ... (sorry but it sort of feels good).

Thanks - I will need the luck - ok more likely some well meant words later on to get me back on track.


Laweigel ahh well I am sticking to the blocks the others are showing, so I will just do this very slowly - and as I'm using my scraps that's probably good as I won't get into trouble running out if I keep it slow.


ROFL!! That's funny, you do! Its just one of those words that either you use or you dont....and very few use it these days. Obvs I'm not one that does! lol

I'll be sure to keep the words of encouragement coming as you make keep ya on track. ;)

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