Coastal Pearls - String of Pearls Quilt-Along by corginole


In Progress


I am joining up with two quilt-alongs this summer - my first two and I think I'll be able to keep up.

The Moda Ocean View charm pack caught my eye recently and really sang to me - about my youngest sister. It will be backed with a length of fabric I found while packing my grandmother's home that is tough enough to hold up as a beach or picnic blanket.

The block for the quilt along looks like the garden gate block - and the quilt as designed by Christa is without internal sashing (there are some great layout ideas for this block out there).  I've chosen navy and aqua as the accent and background colors for my beachy pearls.

I waited to start cutting as my central blocks are a little smaller than the design calls for, and I'm adding an extra row of them making a 6x7 versus 6x6 so I'm doing a little extra math as we go along.

6/19 - cut the navy accent strips and sewed the first side strip onto all of the charms. Need to press them and cut them apart so that I can repeat the process a few more times.

6/27 (or thereabouts) - add the other three accent strips to each pearl and pressed them into submission.

7/5 & 7/6 - created the border strips for the short side of each pearl and have sewn one onto each of the 42 pearls.  ADD took over, so I still need to sew the strip sets for the long sides of each pearl and cut all 84. And in the midst of that there is much pressing to be done. Recomputed the width that needed to be cut to accomodate the smaller pearls and then also the number of strip sets for 42 pearls versus 36 - which for the record is 10.5 - because the math of a 42 inch strip - leaves you one short on each due to the selvages.  The original pattern called for 9.5.

Very happy that the instructions are released two weeks apart, so by the time July 17th rolls around, I will be caught up. Also happy that I've used yardage from my stash such that the end of bolt piece will be filed in the tub of small cuts now.

Click on the 'tutorial' button to find the quilt-along home page.


Pearls are now sashed.
Fabric choices
Charm pack for the center pearls
Trimming and pressing the accent strips
Chain stitching the charms
First side attached and ready to press
Borders for each pearl are ready to cut to 2.5 inches
Pearls strung up and ready to press and trim to size
Pearls awaiting final pressing
Adding the boarders to each pearl.
A stack of 3/4 finished pearls
Measuring the 1/2 done pearls to trim to size as I work along.





ohh, I really like this quilt. The ocean view fabric is awesome. Good call.


This is Awesome! Where can I find the pattern?


Awesumpunk - if you click on the tutorial button - you will find the link to the quilt-along and pattern.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON