Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along by corginole


Aiming for accuracy sampler
In Progress


The scrappy nature of this quilt-along is appealing to me. I've not done 1/2 square triangles yet, so that will be a nice skill to master this summer.

I am planning to use all blue fabrics and have chosen 22 from my stash thus far.  The quilt-along is in the warm-up stage right now. The first actual sewing instructions will be posted on June 27.

Click the 'tutorial button' to find the link to the quilt-along.

July 5 and 6 - I am now caught up.  I spent Friday evening pressing and cutting fabric. All of the background fabric is cut and in my tin box for the duration - which is sitting atop the bin of fabric chosen for this quilt-along.  I also drew in the seam lines for the half-square triangles. Not entirely satisfied with how that went or with how the stitching went on Saturday. When I remembered to look in front of the needle instead of at the needle, it was much easier to guide the fabric and stay on the line.  This will definitely take some practice.  Happily there was enough wiggle room that when it came to trimming the blocks to size (5.5 inches and 6.5 inches depending on the block) I was able to get them trimmed to perfect squares.  I do need to raise the level of my cutting table.  On Saturday I finishes stitching the first two blocks and added the relevant sashing strips.  Next lesson is due to be released on the 11th.


Background fabric cut and labeled for the entire quilt.
Fabric cut and pinned for blocks 1 & 2 (cut too many of the big squares for Block 2, so I hope to repurpose them into a future block.
First ever half-square triangles
Pinning block 2 in order to hit the points correctly.




Love blue and love your fabrics cannot wait to see your quilt "become"


You just happen to have all these lovelies in your stash! I'm envious! Can't wait to see your QAL as it progresses.


I've been consciously collecting blues & blue/whites to make a blue & white quilt. But didn't have a specific quilt in mind until I saw the quilt-along. blush


This looks like a fun QAL. If I weren't so busy this summer, I'd be tempted to join in! I'll be looking forward to seeing your blue & white quilt in the future.


corginole , I love blues and whites. Last summer I participated in a row robin where I asked everyone to use only blues and whiltes. The result was outstanding. I know you will love the outcome of this QAL, plus you will gain some very useful skills. Welcome to Threadbias.


What great fabrics. I love blue and whites. I can't wait to see it when you finish! Happy sewing.


such a big stash to be able to pull 22 blues .. but never doen HSTs (until now) - there is something wrong there ... why don't I have that stash I can do HSTs.
The blocks look really good so far - I did the Beginners' QAL from Misha - and I'm saving the turorials for this one, but I wanted to do some same pattern all over quilts and not a sampler again ...

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