Busy Village Quilt by Readerowl


Music of the dawn
In Progress


I received a fat quarter bundle of Marmalade Cottage by Robin Betterly and decided to try it out in a log cabin style I found in my new book, From Spain with Love: 11 quilts celebrate Mediterranean Color by Roberta Cardew. There were some good prints in my stash to make it work & the first two squares pleased me, so will put it away until I get more of the cottage fabric.


First blocks & some stash




What cute fabric to build around and great colors! Will be beautiful and happy and fresh all at the same time!


Love the colors and the center block is super cute!


The village print is adorable! Was that part of the fat quarter bundle?
I like this particular log cabin because it has a nice sized center to show it off.


Terryt1955 the cottages print was part of the bundle. It comes in another colorway with aqua I found out, and they made a border print or panel. My bundle came with red-orange spots, green spots, red-orange flowers on doodles, green flowers on doodles, and a yellow floral (shows in front of the photo. The cottages fat quarter will make 9 6-inch center squares unless I decide to fussy cut in some way. I need 30 center squares. Thought of using four different prints for centers but decided to use the other prints in making the logs and order enough yardage to make the rest of the centers. The quilt in the book is beautiful with a soft floral center and batik logs. My grandson played with the cottages fat quarter and decided which family members would live in which cottages. That was fun.


True and Whatthebobbin I usually don't think of my self as doing 'cute' but when someone gets it for you, yeah, I can do cute. I like them. And the colors. I have a large platter in those colors, and a couple tablecloths, and a small pitcher. I didn't realize that when I first saw the fabric, but noticed after.


Okay if "cute" doesn't appeal to your senses how about whimsical? I can just imagine how your grandson was playing make believe with this fabric. It's great for that!


Terryt1955 Readerowl whimsical is a much better word as these are not really "cute" but I could not think of a better word and now I have it! And I LOVE that your grandson decided where everyone lives that is beyond adorable and sweet!

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