Newbees monthly blocks - hive #5 by Sewbusy64


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May 2013:  My month to be Queen of Hive #5!!
Pattern: Churn Dash Block
Colors:  teals, turquoise, and limey greens (see studio for pics)
Inspiration:  I wanted to use a color scheme similar to this one...

June 2013:   Queen angmarie 
Pattern: Flying Geese
Colors: reds, whites, and blues - any shade or print you have in your stash
Inspiration:  Purl Soho originally did this as a mini quilt -
Flying geese are definitely going on my list to practice, research, read about in blogland, etc etc and possibly purchase a tool to make them easier.  I love the look of flying geese and want to use them more in my sewing.  This was fun & challenging.  

July 2013:   Queen sareew
Pattern: Christmas Tree Block
Colors:   Tree with green prints with Red sashing
This block was lots of fun & I used fabric from my scraps.  I would have liked to embellish the blocks but ran out of time.  I was going to put small red vintage buttons on the blocks for ornaments but decided against it since Sareew has a small child.  I hope she enjoys them.

August 2013:   Queen IheartDL
Pattern: Charming Stars
Tutorial: It's based off a Moda Bake Shop tutorial Charming Stars
Colors:   August Queen IheartDL  wanted a rainbow quilt using the Charming Star Block.  She requested rainbow patchwork around the white star. This was alot of fun to make and went together faster than I had anticipated.  It also gave me practice with points....which I need.

September 2013:   Queen libellenart
Pattern: Converging Corners
Colors:   September Queen libellenart wanted a Converging Corners quilt for her son.  Her color choice was black, red, and a golden yellow with a Kona White background.  The center block could be white or any color or print. She gave us liberty to make whatever width strips we wanted as long as the block measured 13.5 inches.  I would like to make this quilt someday - it would be a great stash buster....the overall finished effect is fabulous!!

October 2013:  Queen Emptysea
Pattern: Rainbow Patchwork Wheel
Colors:   October Queen Emptysea requested a Rainbow Patchwork Wheel block for her month as Queen.  Her color choice was rainbow patchwork prints or solids with a Kona Snow background.  She encouraged us to use any scraps we had.  I imagine this quilt will look incredible when pieced together.  

November 2013:  Queen Beadqueene
Pattern: Ribbon Star Block
Colors:  Fall colors for the star points and any low volume (solid or print) for the background. Awesome Block!

December 2013:  Queen Menolly13
Pattern: Rocky Mountain Puzzle
Tutorial:  Menolly13 had written up her own tutorial here.
Colors:  Menolly13 requested a low volume print that reads white or cream for the background fabric.  She likes jewel toned colors for the center square and main fabric.  
Siggy block:  Tutorial for siggy block

January 2014:  Queen PurpleIris
Pattern: Wonky Star Block
Tutorial:  The tutorial is linked here.
Colors: Hive members were asked to complete their block in either Warm or Cool colors.  Batiks is one of PurpleIris favorites. Queen requested we use at least 2 fabrics for the star: one for the center square and one for the points, or as many as you like for the points.  Background requested was Kona White or any white hive members had. 
Siggy block:  Tutorial for siggy block

February 2014:  Missriain
Pattern: Monochromatic Economy Block
Tutorial:  The tutorial link:
Colors: Hive members were asked to complete 4  - 6.5 inch blocks in rainbow colors. 

Fabric requirements for one 6.5" economy block are as follows:
1 x 3.5" fussy cut square for the center
1 x 4.5" square for inner round of triangles (cut into quarters diagonally)
2 x 4" square for the outer round of triangles (each cut in half diagonally) 

March 2014:  ArloDeanQuilts
Pattern: Inverted Star Block
Tutorial:   Free tutorial from Craftsy by Common Threads: 
Colors: Color inspiration is the Aviary 2- Saffron color way, BrownOrangeAqua, Cream and Light Tan.  The Queen requested the background to be Kona Snow.   She also requested a siggy block.  

April 2014:  Slicksister
Pattern: Scrap Jar Star
Colors: Requested bright clear colors, such as yellows, oranges, pinks, blues, lavender.  Don't use browns, blacks and muted colors.  Background:  A true white such as Kona white or Moda White.  Preferrably not Kona Snow or off whites.
Requests:  ONE little fussy cut image in ONE of the 2 inch squares that make up the 16 patch.  Something cute.  


Scrap Jar Star - April Block
Inverted Star - March Block
Economy Block - February
Wonky Star Block
Rocky Mountain Puzzle Block
Ribbon Star Block
Rainbow Patchwork Wheel
Converging Corners Block
Charming Stars Block
Christmas Tree Block #1
Christmas Tree Block #2
Flying Geese Block #1
Flying Geese Block #2





The trees are so pretty! I cannot wait to see them in person!


sareew I was adding tiny red vintage buttons for ornaments but was concerned about child safety. I will do whatever you wish as they are not mailed yet


I definitely appreciate your concern. Thank you for thinking of my little one! I think the tree is beautiful as it is, and while the buttons would be a nice touch of something extra, I don't think the tree necessarily needs them. I'm very fortunate that my 9 month old puts NOTHING in her mouth (yet). But you never know what future babies will do!


The rick-rack garland is such a clever idea!


I love the rick rack!


I too love the rick-rack. How smart of you to put that on. It's kid-safe but still adds to the block


Thanks everyone!! this block was fun I wanted to do something with my embroidery machine but simply ran out of time. however, often simple and old fashioned gives to pretty results


Really nice fabrics in the Aug block. :)


my block looks great !!!! I love the geometric center square a lot, thank you very much !


Great voice of prints! It will be a great addition!


Okay, that was supposed to say "choice" of prints. :-)


I love your block! Too cute!


I love my block! Thank you so much!


I love the multi-colored fabrics you chose for the Nov. blocks. It's going to go great with the others!


beadqueene thanks it was fun to make


I LOVE all the Rocky Mtn choices! It's a fabulous block!


IheartDL thank you so much


Love your Wonky Star, its very pretty.


How pretty! I love those greeny-purple-y batiks! Thank you!


PurpleIris I hope it is to your liking and requests....I think the colors are much better in person than in this picture from my phone.


Sewbusy64 I'm sure it will be lovely. Can't wait to see it in person :)


Sewbusy64 Your block arrived today. You were right -- the greens and blues are much more vivid in person. The star almost glows! Thank you!


PurpleIris I hate the pic does not do it justice. I hope it looks good in your quilt. Enjoyed making it


Your economy blocks are amazing! I saw them on Flickr and was so hoping they might be for me. Yay!!


Love your economy blocks!


your economy blocks are great!


Love the owls !!! Your blocks look great


libellenart omaTam ArloDeanQuilts Missriain thanks everyone!! they are fun to make


The chandelier fabric looks so elegant.


sew_what thank you - it was a scrap from a swap!! the pic does not do the colors justice. just started the smaller size economy block for a swap along ....they are 4.5 inches


The economy blocks are adorable!


cally68 thank you. I want to make more!


Love the economy blocks. Great idea for a i-spy quilt

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