Baby Giraffes Baby Boy Quilt by Azjune


Anita goodesign baby giraffes


My hairstylist (of MANY years) is going to be a new grandma very soon.  I have wanted to use the Anita Goodesign Baby Giraffes embroidery design set for quite a while, and now I have someone to make it for.

6-22-13   After purchasing fabric and embroidering a test block yesterday, I bought new background fabric today.

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6-24-13  I have stitched out 5 Embroidered Blocks.  I have an idea for a quilt layout that only uses 4 of them along with some pieced blocks.   Now that I have laid these out together, I am wondering if I should decide on a different layout that would use 6 embroidered blocks.. I do have several more designs to choose from for the 6th embroidery if I decide that way.  I don't have a quilt layout for 6 embroideries in mind yet, but I am sure that I will come up with something later today. 

6-29-13  After playing with several different layouts, most of which made the  quilt way too large for a baby quilt, I finally made a decision to only use 4 of the blocks.  I was going to settle on a Nine Block layout with the  five non-embroidered blocks being Nine Patches.  I felt that the quilt looked too dis-jointed with that particular layout, so I split the center Nine Patch into 3 rows and re-arranged the center column..  Then I needed to decide if I wanted to use the center of those 3 rows as it was in the disassembled block, or make it like the other 2 rows with the dotted fabric in the center.  I decided that the dotted fabric in the very center square made the layout more consistent.  I am using a solid, soft blue, for the borders and hope to get it layered and quilted today.

7-1-13  Once the top was assembled, I needed to decide how I was going to quilt it.  I used thin vinyl from Joann's (blue tape around the perimeter to prevent drawing off of the vinyl) and a dry erase marker to audition a few quilting designs.  Once the decision was made, I used overlapping circles to quilt the nine patches, rows of circles in the borders and a swirly design within the giraffe blocks.  I don't have any more of the fabric that I want to bind it with, so as soon as I make a run to Joann's, I will bind it.

7-2-13  The quilt is finished.  I always struggle with binding, but it is getting better each time.  I usually cut my binding strips at 2.5 inches and use a 1/4" seam to stitch them on.  Tonight,  I decided to try cutting 3" strips and a slightly deeper seam and my binding turned out so much better this time.  I also used starch to press the binding in half before stitching it on.  Then I carefully pressed the binding to the back side being sure that the edge of the binding just barely covered the seam line. I placed a thin line of Elmer's school glue with in the seam allowance and then pressed the binding again to "fuse" the binding into position.  I did not need to pin at all. From the front, I carefully stitched in the ditch and did not miss even one small area of the binding on the back side. 


Baby Giraffes Baby Quilt ready for borders. I chose option B for the center.
Option B for altered nine block layout. Dotted fabric is in center of middle row.
Option A for altered nine block layout. Dotted fabric is not in center of middle row.
Nine block layout.
Embroidered blocks trimmed, bordered and ready to go into quilt layout.
4 of ? Looks like I need to trim some nose hairs on that toy giraffe! :)
Embroidery #2 of ? done
First embroidery for the quilt.
Embroidery Designs and Fabrics
Test Block. This one will not be used in the baby quilt.
Time to make some decisions.
Auditioning Quilting Desings
Auditioning Quilting Desings
Auditioning Quilting Desings
Auditioning Quilting Desings.
Quilting the Nine Patch with a Circle Template.
Nine Patch is Quilted.
Using a Circle Template for quilting the border.
Quilting is Finished. Ready to trim and bind.
My binding skills are definitly improving.
View of the quilting from the backside.




I like that mottled blue better anyway. It is more interesting than the solid.


I cannot wait to see this once it is all laid out. I have a fancy-shmancy embroidery unit on my sewing machine, and am so intimidated by it! I would love to do something like this, if I knew how. You are such an inspiration! :)


On the bottom two giraffe blocks, I'd trade their positions. That way the one on the left is not "running off the quilt".


Speattle Thanks. Right now they are just laid together for the photo. If I use all 5 that are done, I will add one more to balance things out. I am still leaning toward using only 4 of them in a quilt layout that I designed before taking the photo. That one block with the palm tree really throws things off balance because it is wider than any of the others and I may not use that one.


I think it actually looks very balanced and I like the odd number of blocks. Visually it is just more interesting to me.

I wouldn't worry about the width of the block with the tree because you can always trim it to fit.

I was a high school yearbook editor (decades ago!) and one thing we always made sure of in our layouts was that we didn't have people looking off or going off a page and that has stuck with me.


sareew The embroidery is really fun and once you know what you are doing, it is easy, too. Were/are you able to take any classes for your machine? If not, youtube is a great place to learn the basics and some of the not so basics. There are so many free and paid embroidery designs available online. If you have not used your embroidery unit before, you should just get it out and play. Start with just embroidering without a specific project in mind. After a few baby steps, you will be running in no time!


Azjune When I purchased my machine, the LQS gave me a quick lesson, but I think I could really benefit from a longer session. I moved away, and don't really have a neat little shop like that in my area now. I will definitely give youtube a try, but think I'll just have to play, as you suggested. I think the applique/embroidery is what scares me the most! I just love those little giraffes!


sareew Do you have any applique designs? If not, you can find a couple here:
Have fun!


Azjune I do not have any, so thank you so much for posting that link! I am definitely going to check it out and give it a try!


This is so cute! I love the little giraffes.


This is fantastic! Great Job!

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