My Dream Cutting Table by Stamdl




My handyman friend brought over the base and the top yesterday morning and it didn't take him long to attach the IKEA Expedit units I'd put together on Friday. We used THIS tutorial from IKEA Hackers as our guide. I had asked him to make the base smaller so I wouldn't trip over the edges and he took it a step further by angling the edges which I love!

He suggested using melamine instead of plywood for the base and top which was an easy sell - such a durable surface, easy to wipe clean and no painting required. He also added the edge trim so it's nice and smooth and won't snag any fabric. It's on casters so I can move it around - the top is 4' x 6' and the table is 30" (counter height) tall.

I'm going to use the open middle section for batting for starters. So far I have my book collection in magazine holders on the back side occupying 3 cubes and 5 to fill up. I will be moving a few things around in the room today so I can access both sides easily. The red cubes are 13" x 13" x 13" and were purchased at IKEA. I have one holding scraps from recent projects and 3 empty ones. And four empty drawers also purchased at IKEA. I have several bins to sort through and decide what to put where.

But what I really want to do is baste/sandwich some quilts... check out "Come Sail Away" which doesn't even hang over the edge! One of the reasons I wanted the full 4' table width is because most of my Project Linus quilts are 48" by 60" or smaller. Perfect basting surface right? And, since this is my least favorite part of quilting this should make it MUCH less of a chore.

I am going to be adding some storage at the ends of the table once I've decided what I want where. I've got some IKEA towel bars and S hooks for my ruler collection and other tools. I've got a small pegboard unit and some magnetic strips too. My head is spinning with ideas... but those things will have to wait until I've had a chance to "settle in". I'm ready for a week of sewing and putting my dream table to good use!


I'm giddy!!
Side View showing both IKEA Expedit Units
IKEA Drawer Inserts
Front View
Quilt Top Laid Out for Sandwiching
Close up of Tabletop to IKEA Join





I copied the text from today's blog entry... I'm OVER THE MOON about this table and would love to answer any questions!


What is your blog address? I would love to follow you there, too.


Can you see how green I am from there!! This is amazing and will now be on my dream list if I ever had enough space to have it. You have got to be over the moon excited congrats this seems so perfect!!!


Azjune I blog at and I welcome you as a new follower!


True It has been on my dream list ever since I saw it on Pinterest last fall... and my friend made it even better so yes I am just "Pinch Me - I Must Be Dreaming" to see it in my room. I've had a hard time sleeping the last two nights!


I am so work-table envy right now! To see it on Pinterest is one thing but to see it in someone's room that I know is even better! I want to see pictures as you fill up those drawers. And the batting storage area is genius until you have more fabric that you need to store! What a thrill and I can see why you haven't been able to sleep!


P.S. Tell your handyman he did a much better job of finishing off the base. No ugly bolts showing thru the backside for the casters and the melamine is ideal!


Terryt1955 Thank you! I will add more pictures as I pull it all together and yes, my handyman is FAB! He builds homes and loves to work in his shop... I will be calling on him again when I'm ready for a recessed sewing table solution.


I just showed my husband this inspired table and all he did was grunt. I need a handyman!


Oh my gosh! You are so lucky!! I wish it were mine!


This is amazing...I'm super jealous of you right now. I am using my kitchen as a sewing room with my dining room table as my work area...Your handyman needs to service Arizona or I need to move to Minnesota LOL. So happy for you it really is a great space.


This is awesome Stamdl ! Enjoy!


Rebecca Skynme Sewzalot I did the majority of my cutting on the kitchen counter until today... I'm breaking it in good! Thanks so much for your comments. I told my handyman friend's wife that he is a Rock Star in my BlogWorld today!


I have a wonderful cutting table, but I have to say, this is amazing! So many storage options! I know you will get so much use from it! I love your ideas about magnetic strips and hooks and towel bars! Pictures, please, when those get added!


I pinned this. Looks wonderful. I like mine but I think it's only 1/4 the size of yours. Congratulations for dreaming and planning and finding the handyman!


Readerowl Janquilter Thank you! I had so much fun today using the table getting borders cut and tops assembled after doing some rearranging in the afternoon. I'll be sure to update as I add the last details!


You win


Jealous over here and I have a great set-up. Some day.... Does the height work for you?


Sewexcitedquilts Maura LOL... I've been using my kitchen counter for most of my cutting so yes this works for me. Anything lower gives me a sore back. Or are you thinking higher?


Stamdl This is amazing. Just think of all the UFO's you'll get done now. Holy cow!!! Not to mention all the new projects you'll be starting!!


Thanks for sharing, Stamdl. This is my new someday dream...


Thimblehollow Rebeccajeffsmith Thank you both... I am absolutely loving it!


I've got the expidit shelving in one section of my quilt area - and now I think I may get one of those shelf inserts for my scraps. Oh Ikea here I come


Capetowngirl I have become a huge IKEA fan... I just think their stuff is really well done! And I feel like I can assemble anything they make which helps... My son has a college visit at the end of July and I'll be hitting IKEA. My list is already started!


This is why I wish we had an IKEA close-by! (soooo many ikea/ikeahacks are pinned on my boards LOL). I've had this pinned forever as well...and to top it off, with the help of your fab handyman, you've improved it! Congrats and enjoy!! :)


AllPatchedUp Thank you! I am running out of superlatives to describe this table... LOL.


I saw this on Ikea Hackers also and how fun to see it here! I love it, just wish my room was large enough. Maybe I should knock out a wall and expand to the next bedroom . . . Hmmmmm you've got me planning again!


Kathie Yes, you certainly need room for it! I'm really glad I waited until it was in my room before buying anymore furniture because it fills up the room. I love that it is heavy enough not to move while I'm working on it but that I can push it up against the wall easily.After a month of use I am just so happy with both the table surface and the storage I've gained!


After I saw this, I thought, "I've got to have something like this". Had to go to Chicago (the nearest IKEA) to get stuff for my son's apartment so I got the pieces to make something similar. Hubby and son just finished building it for me. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I'm so excited to reorganize and get using my new cutting table.


HawkFan How fun! You will love it... Along with my design wall it has made my quilting life so much better. Enjoy!


The design wall is next!


My jaw just hit the floor. I'm with Terryt1955 . I have work table envy. I wish I had an ikea nearby and I wish I had your handyman.


cally68 This table makes me happy every day and I'm forever grateful to my friend for his upgrades!

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