Dutch Treat Quilt by brodeusebressane


Dutch treat quilt
In Progress


Being Dutch I couldn't pass up the chance to do this quilt, eventhough it's made by a Canadian quilter ! ;-)
Since I have never done recessed applique it's a bit daunting, as you can see on my first block. But at least I've begun this adventure......
I'm making this quilt in the standard white-blue combination, but a bit more scrappy with different shades and patterns of blue.

26/06 : I must say that "king Arthur" gave me a lot of problems. Maybe there's a recessed/reverse applique trick that I'm missing....

3/07: And "dinner party" makes 13; just 183 squares to go !

20/07 after "time warp" and "waiting for life" I'm now going to make make my first block QAYG, at the same time making a pattern for the back.

22/07 after "maltese cross" and "daisy" I had four blocks that go together in my first QAYG-block. This one with a dark blue back, others will be with either a dark blue or a white back, so the back of the quilt will look like a old fashioned Dutch kitchenfloor (although in blue and white instead of black and white): http://www.laarbeeknatuursteen.com/~kloostermoppen_zwart_wit_3.jpg

23/07 block 3 (white back) finished: aside from "separate tables" and "mums", consists of "neutral zone" and "space men"

15/08  now 8 more small blocks finished

1/09 during my holidays I finished 2 more small blocks: http://brodeuse-bressane.blogspot.fr/2013/08/applique-en-vacances.html


neutral zone
maltese cross
waiting for life
dinner party
separate tables
queen of spades
king Arthur
baby's breath
apple core
against the flow
90 degrees
5 of diamonds
wrought iron





Great start! Recessed applique seems like a challenge but I like the effect :) I'm really glad to share this adventure with you brodeusebressane


Mrsquilt and you were so right to enlarge the patterns a bit ! It's murder these small patterns, but since there's no time limit I just do them one at a time and only when I feel like it..... Is yours not recessed appliqued then, but "normal" applique ?


So lovely! I love the look of the reverse appliqué. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this. smile


Rebecca Thanks ! It's a challenge, so progress will be slow....


brodeusebressane Yeah, many of the quilts like this are quite long and drawn out. Definitely all about the experience and not hurrying to get something completed. Seems like a fun personal challenge to take on though!


Rebecca That's right. I find I'm already jumping some blocks because they look too compicated for now. I first have to build up some experience with this recessed applique method before attacking those.... but I'm in no hurry with this one; exceptionally it's for myself and not for anybody else, so I can take my time.....


brodeusebressane Yes I am doing it with normal applique, fixing the color pieces to the white background. I like it both ways but I really like doing appliques so I wanted this to be a treat :) Seeing your progress really encourages me to work on mine!


Wow amazing work and so beautiful


Beautiful quilting! I love the blue fabrics you've chosen. And yes - slow and steady wins the race : )


These are so delicate and beautiful. Your quilt will be gorgeous when you're done.


HawkFan I certainly hope so; it will be in my "studio" = spare bedroom ! :-D

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