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Yes, I was already doing this. But I sort of got carried away with FMQ after figuring it out on my last quilt and my last blocks for this with the Outfoxed fabric are now potholders... oops?

So I started again! This time I'm using a layer cake of Cuzco by Kate Spain for Moda and a few solids. I'm going to try and only feature one of the prints per block to make sure Cuzco stands out and to make my layer cake last all 100 blocks with minimal print repeats! This will be a challenge in itself as I've never worked so much with solids before!

Find the link to the sew along in the tutorial link!

#1: Again (I started this again and I also made the mistake of sewing before bedtime. My block is slightly wonky!)
#2: Wonky (The name explains it all. Though I think it's more off-centre than actual wonky, which is funny because the last time I made this block it was perfect. I haven't sewn in a while so i guess i was just having an off' morning playing catch up !!)

Finally, have caught up with the sew along! I have another day off later this week and I plan on working on this week's blocks then. But for now, 1-24 are all done.

#24 has come out the best so far. It's actually a 6.5" square and all the lines and corners came out beautifully. If only all the blocks could look so great!! I've given up on naming them all for no, only because I was all rushrushrushmakemake so I wasn't really thinking of anything.


Caught up to the sew along through to block 33! I'm still enjoying these blocks and I'm contemplating fabrics for another after I finish this 100. Crazy! But these are such great skill building blocks!

13/8/13: I'm a bit of an overachiever with the sew along this week and have made blocks 34, 35 and 36 for the sewalong, and then moved onto block 37! These were made easy because I had left over HSTs from an abandoned project. I was planning on starting block 38 but I I had to make HSTs from scratch and got stuck on it :disappointed: I cut the squares as per instruction and then my sewing machine started chewing up the first corner as I tried feeding it through to sew. Once I'd finished it, it was 1/2" too short! So I think I'm going to have to make my pieces oversized so I can trim them down!


Figued out my HST problem. It helps to read your ruler properly... :)


Wow, I haven't touched this for 3 months!!!! I've started back up again but have only made three blocks so far. I'm hating all the itty bitty triangle pieces! One thing I am regretting is not choosing specific solids to work with as I'm working through my whole solids stash and having so many colours to choose from, it's hard to pick the right one, or one that I haven't used too many times over another... I know for next time! :wink:


Made it halfway!!! But I am never making Block 50 EVER AGAIN :rage:


55 blocks so far, and finally at the end of the triangle chapter. I don't know why I stopped making these for so long; they're fun to make (except 50...). I've laid out all my blocks to try and gauge which colours I'm missing to 'balance' it out. Some light blue (actual blue, not aqua)? I've decided once these are all done to do a white square in a square around them, and I've bought some Kona White layer cakes to cut the triangles out of so I don't have to manage fiddling around with yardage!! Not sure what to do about sashing, or if I will do sashing? Maybe just make "diamonds" out of the intersecting white triangle pieces or make coloured triangle tips out of solids or eminaing Cuzco ad make little diamonds amongst the white ones....  

In the picture of all the blocks so far, the ones along the bottom row I'm contemplating re-making. I don't like how the ombre fabric is used or the white fabric on the ends might blend too much with the white square in a square effect. But I'll wait until the very end to decide that.


I received my Kona layercakes yesterday and I chopped a couple of them up to try the square in a square look... kind of regretting it, in the way of fabric size choice as I'm not finishing with 1/4" on the sides and they're all different sizes! So much for being lazy! Luckily I only tried it on 6 blocks, so I can just unpick them and actually cut out yardage so I can make the triangles a little bigger and then use the layer cakes for other projects!

I'm also trying out how to lay them out. Just how they are, or with the little corner store diamond square thingy? I really like the look of it, but I don't think I'd have the patience to do that on 4 corners of every block... for 100 blocks after piecing the larger triangles on them!!

Then I'm thinking of sashing of somesort... I really like the look of this

Slowly, I am catching up to the sew along !!


I've started this back up again as I've made it my goal for February for A Lovely Year of Finishes. My goal isn't to finish the whole thing, but to complete all 100 blocks. I have 35 more blocks to piece and then I want to add the square-in-a-square look to them. 

I decided to just go all out and crazy colourful, and was lucky to find some more Cuzco fabric, including a piece of the peacock fabric locally (yay!). I'm aiming for a look similar to that of the Christmas topper thing I made for my mum.

So far I've cut out at least 400 triangles and have completed 10 blocks. I regret cutting the triangles the size that I did. I used the cutting sizes listed at I'm a Ginger Monkey so I used 7.25" squares cut across the diagonals. This will probably work if you're perfect with your precision but I'm not and prefer making triangles that I can trim down to size. I didn't really think about it with these, I guess I assumed that there would be a little leeway in the measurements for trimming. Since some of my Tula blocks are not the 6.5" (some are a little larger or smaller depending on the type of piecing) I was hoping to have the blocks framed in a way that they would all end up the same size. But after trimming these back, some of my finished ones are 9" and some are a little smaller. I should have tested a couple of blocks before cutting out all 400 so that I coulld have adjusted to a larger square (I think 7.5" would be more appropriate) but too late now. Hopefully since this will be so busy and colourful, it won't be noticeable. So I'm contemplating when I'm finished, if I want to add a border to help with the squaring up of the blocks at the end -- probably just a thin one.


I just came up with a name for this quilt/project so had to add it in before I forgot. The fabric line is "Cuzco" has always made me think of the character "Kuzco" from the Disney movie Emperor's New Groove. The emperor drinks a potion called "extract of llama" that changes him into a llama (and we find out there are other "extracts" that turn you into various other animals and back to human). Since this fabric contains peacocks -- Extract of Peacock!


Made a few more blocks, and finally on to the next chapter except I'm probably going to have to re-do #70 as it came out terribly. Each side is a different measurement! I have a few blocks that I'm thinking of re-doing, but first, I want to get through all 100 of them and then make a decision from there. Since getting them all done is a February goal, I don't want to spend too much time fiddling with it :wink:


I've completed 15 blocks over this weekend! Only 20 more to go! I'm hoping I can work on sewing my setting triangles on during the week, and spend next weekend working through the remaining 20 blocks!


I need to get a move on!! Only 11 days left to complete my goal and I still have 14 blocks to piece and 85 to add traignels to!!!


5 Days to go for February. I've completed 75/100 blocks (just need to trim them though). I still have 15 blocks to piece, which means I still have another 10 made blocks I need to add triangles too. 5 days to get it all done eeeeep


All 100 blocks complete!!


Ten squares finished... 90 to go :(
My 400 triangles!
Setting with wonky diamond things?
19/11/13: 55 Blocks, all up to the end of the traingle chapter!
Setting plain
First 4 triangle blocks
Blocks 1-39
Blocks 1-33
Blocks 1 - 24
Blocks 5, 8, 4, 12, 10
Blocks 2, 6, 3, 13
Blocks 9, 7, 11, 1





Well at least you got started again. My fabric and book are still calling my name. Love the Cuzco being featured here!


Loving the fabrics you're going with. It's going to look fantastic!!

I think these are great little skill building blocks. By the time you're finished ...you'll have a 'journal' (of sorts) showing your progress. :)


Well a bummer to start over but I love these blocks with these fabrics! Also how you are using solids...lovely.


Thanks Terryt1955 , AllPatchedUp and True ! These blocks are a lot of fun to work with, and I love the rainbow colours. I'm already trying to work out in my head how I'm going to make the quilt top once I've done all 100 blocks!


Wow, you're going for all 100?! Impressive task ahead of you!


These are so fun and colorful!!


Thanks Aquilterstable ! I'm hoping to catch up; I'm about 3 weeks behind from the sewalong again, after I had gotten all caught up!! sigh


Your blocks are coming out so great! Love all the colors!


I love the fussy cut peacock in block 3! They all look awesome :)


Thanks Marcigirl and beadqueene ! I'm trying to get as much use out of that peacock fabric as possible. It's my favourite!


Wow you are really moving along on these. It's too bad about the last block. I hate when something like that stops the creative flow


Awesome progress- and the fabrics look great as these blocks! Love the peacocks too:)


Thanks Mymble ! I really want to try and find yardage of the peacock but nowhere seems to have it at a reasonable price :(

HawkFan I'm hoping to pick back up on it tonight! I just found out today I'll be working 7 days straight next week so I think I'm going to be way too tired to do anything so I really want to jump ahead!

I need to read over the HST assembly instructions again in case I misunderstood, but I'm thinking the instructions in the book for measurements have the finished unit size of the HST, not the size of the square to use to make the triangles... which worries me for the flying geese and corener triangle blocks if the same thing has happened there! Better find my thinking cap :)


Maybe some of the others on ThreadBias who have done this can tell you what there experience is - or are you a superachiever and are ahead of everyone? smile Hope you get it worked out and I don't envy you your work schedule. Take care of yourself


Good idea HawkFan ; I should ask in the Threadbias group for the chapter! I'm only a couple of blocks further than the sew along so there should be others out there who have at least hit the triangle chapter! laughing


Great, then you can tell me so I'll know when I eventually get around to doing this. I say this like I really think I'll get to hahaha. Oh well, I can dream...


Ahhhhh the list in your mind of everything you one day want to do. I have one of those wink one day I'll do them all.... one day...


Joke the squares you use to make HST's should be 7/8" larger than your finished square -- I generally make mine an inch larger (less math!) and then just trim them down. Good luck finding your peacock fabric in yardage... I found some on Etsy but it was a little more than I like to pay online for fabrics.


Thanks for the tip beadqueene , I'm definitely going to try and make them larger. I wish the book was a little clearer about it. I haven't seen anyone else have the problem so I'm not sure if it's just me :S


looks like you're breezing through the triangle blocks now. They look great!


Amazing! I so want to get this book now. :O


7 days straight! You must work in a hospital? You're going to need a pedi and a foot massage for sure. Be careful on day 7!!


HawkFan , yes, they're so easy now I know to read my ruler properly wink

Emmajb , this book is great; I highly recommend it! So many things to learn and the blocks are so quick to put together.

Terryt1955 retail actually! I'm the supervisor for a department store's online department. We're getting a new system this week so my days off had to be rearranged so I can work with the trainer, so I can learn the system to be able to train my other staff who won't be here with the trainer. We're not going to have much actual work to do, as they're cutting off orders for my particular store so hopefully it won't be so stressful since we're just training!


Ah you're the "super user"! Good luck on the training. It's hard to have to cram all that information in and have to be "on" all the time. I'm doing a 3 day training this week and dreading it. I can't imagine 7 days of new material.


Joke Hi - you cut the fabric exactly as she says in the book, then rather than doing the HST triangle method where you would normally cut 7/8" larger than the finished size, which involves sewing quarter either side of a central diagonal line, in her method you sew on the line then trim a quarter in to the side of your sewn line - this does however result in some wastage.... hope that helps - your blocks are beautiful!


Love your latest 3 blocks! Well, love them all, but just looked at your newest ones. Love the chevron look and the 3-d effect. So fun to make all these blocks!


Wow- No. 40 is amazing!


Wow, this puts me to shame. Wish I could just pop home and sew.


Great job! I was so glad when I finished the triangle blocks. The rest go way faster!


Love it. Looking fabulous. Its a marathon and you are storming!!


looking great! I think the solids you are using look good :) #53 and #54 are my favorites of the new batch I think.


Aizome , they definitely do!! I'm almost finished through the 60s already!!

Sewhappy I have been flying through them so far!! So fun... more fun than an actual marathon wink

beadqueene , I think #54 is my favourite block out of all them in the book. I can just see it on a larger scale as a quilt on its own!!


So colorful! It looks like a big pile of gem stones.


Aizome Too bad I can't turn them into real ones!! wink


Joke Haha! It will be, when you reach the finish line and see it on your bed!


I LOVE the name!


I love the name too! I think of that movie whenever I see the name of the fabric line. Glad to know I'm not the only one.


HawkFan True I've been reading movie quotes on IMDb and I'm just cackling to myself remembering all the scenes. I should watch it again!


Joke It's one of my favorite animated movies. (If you can't tell from my new profile pic, Despicable Me is another one)


Cute name! And HawkFan I have a grandson who will keep you company watching Despicable Me no matter how many times you want to watch it!


Terryt1955 In some ways I'm just like a toddler - some movies I can watch again and again...


great progress over the last couple of days!


wow! You are moving right along on these! Nice work! Have you decided on a layout yet?


cally68 I think in a 10x10 withe the setting triangles like this: https://www.threadbias.com/projects/christmas-project-for-mum-and-one-for-me

I think I'm more worried about the quilting because this is going to end up roughly 90"x90". I'd love to get it longarmed (I'm visualising feather quilting to match with the peacocks) but that may end up expensive!! There's a longarmer who actually lives down the street from me and it'll cost $160-$400 just to get it quilted depending on the level of quilting at this size (just by judging from her cost prices, I've not actually arranged anything).


Wow- you have made some awesome progress ...this is going to be some quilt when it's done and the feather quilting- oh my!


Way to go - I saw you got an "amazing" from Kate Spain. smile These are looking fantastic


I love what you have done with this! I bought the book in the fall and still have yet to decide how I want to proceed....


This is so pretty and colorful - Cuzco was the perfect fabric choice (and love the name of your quilt!!!).


Great fabric combinations...and perfect name!


Great job on completing all 100 blocks...your a trooper. It looks fantastic!


Skynme Gardencrafter TiffanyRay Caribousmom Thanks!! I'm so happy to have the blocks finished but I want to start them again in different fabrics grin


Mymble It's a dream, but I think it's an expensive dream.. maybe I should practice how to do feathers myself :)
HawkFan I still can't believe she commented on my pic. A brush with fame!!

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