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Christmas in July!

Usually I am not one to even think about Christmas in July. But I saw this as a great opportunity to get a head start on a Holiday Project! I'm not sure if these blocks will become an actual quilt, or a tree skirt! My husband and I will celebrate 10 Christmases together this year, our 6th one as husband and wife. We don't have a tree skirt! It'll be Ellie's second Christmas, but she was 2 months old for her first and slept right through it! I love the thought of a special quilt that comes out each year with great anticipation and we can snuggle under it together to read Christmas books. So it'll be a tough choice for sure!

On to the block!

A fellow threadbias-er posted a tutorial for the block I have chosen. I would love for everyone to make a tree! My block is hot off the press - er, ironing board, rather. I just made it this evening. It went super fast! The tutorial is below. Mine differs from her post slightly in dimension because I wanted to be sure I had nice sharp points on the bottom of my tree, so I didn't trim it quite as close as she did after the first round of white. You can do your own calculations or follow her measurements exactly. Either way is fine. The end result I'm looking for is a green tree, surrounded by white (or white-ish) color, with a red border. Make your tree with as many or as few fabric strips, they can be wonky or not. I did not buy a single scrap of fabric for this block, I just used from my stash. So if I didn't even buy anything, you definitely don't need to! Unless you want to! ;) No need to square up your blocks, I'll do that once I have all of them! Is that everything? Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to take some creative liberties. If you want to get fancy and go for a star on top or a present under the tree, go for it! Have fun!

7/29/13 - Here are some of the blocks! Sorry for the super dim pictures. I promise to use my actual camera with flash next time! And please unsee the blue tape!!! I don't have a design wall. :(

8/6/13 - Yesterday, when Baby Girl and I checked the mail, there were FOUR envelopes with tree blocks!!! It was so exciting! I love opening them and seeing them in person, but I also love holding them up and getting a huge grin from my baby! It's so sweet! I am working on a tree skirt design, and I think I'm going to go for it! I'm still waiting on a few more ladies to send their blocks.

8/8/13 - I currently have 12 blocks, but there are still a couple hive members who are sending their blocks. I played around with a tree skirt design for 16 blocks. It is a very rough design, not a lot of detail. But enough to understand!

8/19/13 - Guess what came in the mail today?!?!?!??!?!?!?! My final TREE BLOCK!!!! Yay! Here they alllllll are together! :)


tree skirt design
Created by Slicksister
from PurpleIris
made by libellenart
Sewn by angmarie
2nd from PurpleIris
another by libellenart





I'm not in your hive--just stalking!--but this is adorable! What a great idea. :)


Existitchialism thank you! I can't wait to see all the trees together at the end of the month!


Cute! I love the tree skirt idea.


Not something I would ever think to do~! A great challenge... trying to figure out how to get those presents under the tree :-)


What a great block and awesome idea for a bee!


Also not in your hive but LOVE this idea. I can't wait to see the blocks and what you do with them


rasophie , emptysea , True , HawkFan , thank you so much! I was a little nervous that people might groan about Christmas already, but people like me have to start early or it will be Christmas 2014 before it gets done! I had a hard time choosing between a tree block and a present block. I love this tree, though.


Oh, I can't wait! What a great idea. I'm super excited to try it!!!


Cute...and an excuse to break out the Christmas music mid-summer. Maybe it'll help me beat this 90 degree heat!


hmmm, I'm going to have to go through my greens, that's one color that's not as robust in my stash, but I'm sure I have some scraps I can use :) Do you mind a scrappy red border?


beadqueene even if you only have 2 greens to use, that's totally fine! I guess if you are realllly low, one green triangle will work! scrappy red border is fine, too!


sareew My finished block came out 11x12 with a scrappy border. Is that alright or would you like me to add a second border?


beadqueene it's fine unless you want to add more. Depending on how the rest come in, I'll either use it to size all of them or add a little filler to it.


These turned out great! How cute, great choice!


These are looking fantastic. A wonderful idea


Can't wait to add to this stellar group~! And am interested to see how they will all fit together into the skirt.


Skynme , Capetowngirl , Thank you! I'm so excited about them! They are all fantastic!
emptysea , I'm interested in that, too! Haha! They may be too big for the skirt idea! We will see!


Those are looking great!


Awesome blocks so far. You may have to make a lap quilt to go with your tree skirt!


they all look so good together :)


sareew Finished one last night and have to admit I was pretty whiny about it all the way through. Mainly because I found the tutorial less than helpful. Wondering if anyone else noticed how the calculations were off?
BUT the block came out pretty dang adorable once I figured it out so started a second :-)
Will post them this afternoon and get those tardy blocks in the mail tomorrow! Thanks for being so patient!


emptysea I'm so sorry you had trouble with the tutorial! I am getting some different sized trees so I think most people just used the tutorial as a general guide. Which is actually great! I'm loving the variety! I have no doubt the block you made is adorable & I can't wait to see it!


emptysea I didn't find the tutorial measurements very helpful either. I know I had to tweak my white and red borders to get it to work right. I think part of the problem, at least for me, was that the tree template printed so light I had to guess where it started and ended. I had fun making it though and will probably be making one or more for a holiday project. :) I can't wait to see your finished quilt, Saree! This is such a fun holiday project and it was nice to think Christmas (and snow!) during the 90+ degree weather we had in July!


I was showing off photos at work today and one of the ladies said her mom is crazy for Christmas quilts, so I may be making a small version myself :-)


i think they are all stunning


Your tree skirt is going to be HUGE. I'm glad baby girl enjoys them, that little comment made me smile :)


Wahoo! How fun is it to see them all together?


emptysea how fun! I hope you do. I'd love to see it!

Sewbusy64 they are, aren't they? I am only waiting on a few more. I can't wait to have them all so I can begin my tree skirt. Christmas is rapidly approaching!

beadqueene I estimate the skirt to be about 5.5-6 feet across. So big, but not TOO big. Plenty of room for a bazillion presents! ;)

IheartDL sooo fun! I love looking at them!


My month is October for my bee. I might just have to steal your idea. I love how your blocks look together. It will be very cute which ever idea you go with.


Rebeccajeffsmith thank you! I'm really loving how these blocks are turning out! I was a little worried that the monotony of green tree, surrounded by white, with a red border might get boring. But that is definitely not the case! They look fantastic together!


Love the idea of a tree skirt and the blocks are looking fantastic


oh I really like the tree skirt design :)


The tree skirt design looks great.


Great tree skirt design! What a good gift idea. I'll have to add it to my possibilities list.


These all look wonderful together!! I especially love how each tree and block is completely unique to its creator and skill level! I really am impressed with my hive! Mine is mailing today, so you will get it soon!

So happy to hear that everyone's block is a little askew in terms of numbers... mine certainly is!

So happy for you Sareew!!


What a great block! Everyone did great work, the squares look amazing together.


They look terrific together!


The squares look so great together! Whether you make it a quilt or a tree skirt it'll be beautiful


This turned out to be beautiful !!! I am glad to hear that everyone else had trouble with the sizing as well :-) Thanks for posting all the blocks together !!!

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