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Boppy pillow cover


I recently got a "naked" boppy pillow and since my daughter wants to use/play with it I fear for it's survival before the baby gets here. It needs a cover. I have a baby shower coming up so I don't really feel like buying one since they are already on the list so I decided to make one (so much cheaper too). 

First up I made a pattern by tracing out the pillow of transparent paper and folding it in half. I then created a new outline that  unified the two sides I had traced, added 1/2" ease and 1/4" seam allowance.

Then to cutting. Keeping the paper folded I placed it 1" away from folded fabric place on underlay paper that was lined up neatly along the edge. This is to be the back. (along the same lines as this tutorial: I cut it out adding notches for centre back and slit the fold to make two separate pieces. 
(Why bother with the underlay? Now I have a copy of the pattern that I just cut for the back and the original for the front)
I unfolded my original patter (now perfectly mirrored) and lay it flat to cut the front adding notches at the centre points.

For the sewing I started by giving  the centre back pieces a 1/2" hem. I then matched the notches and basted the two back pieces together. With right sides together I seam the front to the back with my 1/4" seam allowance. Since the seam allowance is so narrow I just serged the edges to finish.

But... Although it fits it just doesn't have enough ease to go on with the centre slit. I reduced the seam allowance to aprox. 1/8" (edge of serging) but that was still not enough. 

I guess I have to put in a zipper after all... Sigh...





Great detail on the process. If only I knew how to sew in 3D. And the added pom-pom trim is so cute!


Thanks! I'm happy with how it turned out.
Sewing in 3D isn't that much different, a seam is still just two edges of fabric. I'm sure you could do it!

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON