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I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting to find out the block for July. I have chosen the Patchwork Square in a Square from The Sometimes Crafter. I came across it on a blog (wish I could remember where) and fell in love with it's design and it's use of scraps. I have what I call my travel blanket. The poor thing is very old and needs to be replaced. The travel blanket goes to the beach, on car trips and always on a plane trip. These blocks will make my new travel blanket. It will be perfect as the blocks will have already started the travel as they arrive from all around. 
Please do use your scraps. I would prefer mostly prints, but a few solids are fine. Please keep the selections to light and medium tones, nothing dark. I used Kona White for the middle strips. If you have Kona white, fabulous, if not please use a bright white. One last thing, I would like every one to put their
 name/initials and location on the white strips somewhere. 

7/6/13 I have had so much fun making these blocks that I have completed 7. I added my signature to one of the blocks. It's slightly crooked, but that is how I sign my name, always just a little uphill. :smiley:

7/27/13 I received  blocks from Hawkfan (X2 Thank you!), True, Existitichialism, and Juline. Juline - I made another block from the extra squares you sent along with your block. I love to see all the different fabric everyone owns. This is going to be fun to put together. Sashing? No sashing? I said I was going to sash in Kona white...then I put them side by side and thought, hmmm, no sashing? 


July Queen - Hive 2
signature block
close up signature block
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Blocks by Juline, True, Existitchialism, Hawkfan
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Love this and love what it will become and idea the travel begins with us making blocks!


Very cool! Can't wait to get started. :)


True Existitchialism so glad ye ou like my block choice. I am so excited to be the Queen this month.


Love the personalization request! Can't wait to get started. (Christina, aka The Sometimes Crafter, is in my guild :) )


Juline Oh how cool that you know her! One question Tracy do you want a fabric that reads white in center like in yours and the tutorial?


Juline lucky you to know Christina! I think the Hive #3 block is from her too. Looking forward to see what your end result is :)


True yes, please make the center read as a white. in one of mine I used a white on white polka dot.


What a charming quilt this will end up being. Love the square within a square patterns. Never get tired of looking at them!


I'm not in your hive, but just wanted to say I love this! July is my month as Queen Bee in Hive #5. If I could be queen twice, I would choose this as my other block! Love it!


sareew I saw your Queen block too. I was thinking of using it to make a tree skirt for my mom. I have been promising for a couple Christmas' now. Looking forward to seeing what your hive does for you. :) Isn't it fun to be Queen, even for a little while?


What a fun block. Looking forward to using up some scraps for this!


This is a cute block. Do you have a photo of how you would like us to sign this? What sort of pen is best?


I was planning on embroidering mine. Is that okay, or would you prefer pen, or all of the blocks signed using the same method?


Quilbee I am working on the block with writing. I should have it posted later today. I am trying to embroider mine. So, yes Juline go for it, embroider away. As far as a pen, I haven't really used one. Perhaps some other Threaders have a suggestion? Blocks do not need to be signed in the same method.


Sarab I was quite surprised at how many scraps I have actually accumulated in a short amount of time. Have fun putting this together.


I'm laughing at you already making 7 blocks! I'm Queen this month for Hive # 4 and have made 3 blocks and plan on making more because I'm having so much fun pairing up the scraps. Addicting isn't it!
I am definitely doing this block! I'm so glad you picked it and linked to a tutorial!


Tracy I've got your blocks done and will ship them out next week. Do you want to be surprised or do you want me to post pictures?


Terryt1955 they are sooo addicting! I told myself I need to stop or this quilt will be way to big to travel with. What's a girl to do, but start something else. laughing


HawkFan I am so excited you finished already! Surprise or no surprise, tough question for me. I don't normally like all. I actually opened Christmas gifts as a kid and rewrapped them. I couldn't stand the suspense. That being said, I am going to say...I want to be surprised. That is my final decision and it was a hard one. satisfied


OK Tracy , I'll keep it a surprise. Can't talk you in to changing your mind, can I? Just kidding! innocent

My husband and his sibs used to do the same thing -- unwrap and then re-wrap their gifts. Too funny!

Guess the pressure's on to get them shipped out though so you don't have to wait too much longer. I do hope you like them.


These all look great together. Great choice for your block. I think they look good without sashing. I wonder if white sashing would wash it out too much since a lot of the individual squares have some light background.

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