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I've joined in with the sew-along for Camille Roskelley's new book: Simply Retro.

This is the second pattern in the book...she has instructions for a large quilt, but I chose to modify it and make it into a 36" X 36" table topper.

I used Kona White and Azure for all the blocks but one. Robert Kaufman’s Don’t Be Crabby fabric came to me from Mary (+True ) who lives in Maine. I thought it was the perfect pop of summery color for this quilt with its tiny crabs waving their big claws in the air. And it totally reminds me of my childhood playing on the New England beaches.

For the backing, I found a big cut of fabric I bought on sale. It reminded me of sand dollars, and because I didn’t have quite enough of it, I pieced together a strip of azure and white with a fussy cut square of the crabs to run down the center. I hemmed and hawed about the binding – but finally decided on a pale, low volume blue and white print.

The quilting on this quilt consists of some varying width diagonal straight lines and some echoing stitches around the little squares to help the pattern pop a bit.


On the Bistro
Quilting detail
sky and clouds
Close up of Lets Be Crabby fabric
Front detail
A little bit of sunshine
On the rail





I am so glad you found such a wonderful use for this fabric! I just love this...really should go show the saleswoman what one can do with fabric if one has some talent;-)!


This turned out lovely! I love the pop of red with the turquoise fabric...really beautiful. I also like the pieced back you did. Ill keep my fingers crossed that you win this week.


Skynme Thanks! I would love to win this week - but we'll see :) It seems to be a motivated group over there! I love the red and turquoise too. I actually was thinking this pattern would make an amazing red and white quilt...may have to do that some time!

True It is easy when you have such great fabric (tell THAT to that store clerk!!!)


Really great- love the crabs-and the blue and azure are just perfect- great job!


Such refreshing colors. You really do feel like you're at the beach! So what contest is Skynme referring to?


Terryt1955 The sew-along group gives away prizes...but you have to do the project in the book for that 2 week period and then they draw names from those who have done the project. So not really a contest...but a giveaway :)

Mymble Thanks!!!


This is so pretty. I love your description of the backing fabric reminding you of sand dollars and the binding fabric is a great choice. Good luck!


HawkFan Thank you!!!


This is very, love the colors. Can't wait for our next sewing date so we can "break bread" on this lovely topper!!! ps..perfect size for my satchel!!!


Wendy, this came out so great! I didn't realize the blocks were so big until I saw the picture with the topper on the table - I agree that it would be a gorgeous red and white quilt! I love the contrast of the red crab fabric and the binding fabric is perfect! Great finish!!


Carolmarie Thank you...this is what I sent Wendy as part of her FQ rewards. I thought it looked like Maine and since she had lived here... But when I bought it the sale person a LQS sked "what could someone possibly make from this fabric" (I sent a stripe in similar colors she felt same way about). I told her she didn't know just how skillled Wendy was and I was confident it would be made into something awesome...and here it is!


Conniharns thanks, my re: the size of your satchel. I'm thinking of hiring a security guard for our next sew day :)

Dtscrapper Thank you dear sister :) Yup, the blocks are a good size - makes it come together fast. And you were right about the binding (no surprise!!) - it needed that low volume fabric :)

Carolmarie Well, girl, get on a plane and come on out! Thanks for your kind words about this was fun to make. Oh yes, Mary is totally awesome in every way!!

True You are much to nice. I am still wondering why a salesperson would be so negative about the fabric they are trying to sell in their store!!! I have never had a hard time using fabric with orange and red. never!!


This looks great Wendy! I love that little pop block made with your special fabric in the corner!!! Fantabulous! :)

(sales people, even fabric 'salespeople', aren't always the brightest you know.... lol ;)


Okay, there should be a law against how fast you got this done. Gee, I am still checking out my book. I just love the little crab fabric. Actually I love the whole quilt. I think this is one of the first ones I am going to make too. Hope it as cute as this one.


Conniharns Shhhhhhhh, don't tell Wendy but I am going to start working on a really big tote bag for our next sewing day!!!!


Quilt455... Perfect my snoop sister in crime!!


AllPatchedUp Why, thank you! You know I can't resist those bright pops! :)

Carolmarie There are parts of California which are high desert, but we actually live in the we're surrounded by 100' pines and cedars, and snow capped mountain tops. The valley floor (which is where I work) is mostly ranch land and we also have the Sacramento River running through the town which is a huge river. Here is a post on my blog with some pictures of our area (scroll down to see them):

Quilt455 LOL - well, you will find this project goes VERY quickly. These are big blocks and they come together fast. Can't wait to see what you do with yours! Oh, and that tote bag - security will search it before you leave!! ha ha

Conniharns your criminal ways are contagious

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