Christmas Favorites Quilt by Lisalakejohnson


Christmas favorites by nancy halvorsen


Last year, I went to the Plano Texas Quilt show and saw this quilt hanging at the Happiness is... Quilting booth.  I immediately fell in love with it because I had used this exact line of fabric to make a beautiful tree skirt for my huge Christmas tree.  As I stared at it, I felt like it was way to much out of my league.  Then I talked myself out of buying the kit because I couldn't justify spending a hundred bucks and hours of time for a quilt that will only be up 2 months out of the year.  (Yes, I keep my Xmas d├ęcor up for 2 months, don't judge me!)
As time wore on, I started regretting not buying the kit, but just pushed it out of my mind.  (Again, telling myself that it would only be up for 2 months out of the year and why bother...) 
Well in October of last year, my mom and I went on our annual visit to the International Quilt Show in Houston.  Third booth in  (out of about a millions booths)...there was that damn quilt AGAIN!  I pointed it out to my mom and told her how much I love the quilt and want to make it.  She agreed with me that she loved it too and wanted to make it as well.  We said we would walk the show and come back and buy it, if it was still there.  We only walked 20 feet away and then I said, "What if they sell out between now and then?"  She said, "You're right!  Lets go back!"  Well, back we went, and we each forked out the money for the kit and the book separately.  (Why they couldn't sell them together is beyond me)
I was really worried that it was going to be out of my league....but I had done plenty of machine applique in the past, just on a smaller scale.  My mom said I wouldn't have any problems making it and to not be so down on myself.
Come January, I pulled it out and worked and worked and worked on it.  Maybe I'm slow, but it took me 3 months from start to final completion!  It killed me to drop it off at the longarmer for 2 weeks, but so worth it when I got it back!!  I added some hot fix crystals to certain parts of the quilt, but other than that, I followed the directions to a T.  (Still finished before my mom! Ha!)
So there you have it, I feel like this was the most ambitious project I have made yet and am very much looking forward to the Holidays when I can hang it up.  Best part of all is that my tree skirt, stockings, bunting, and another wall hanging all match exactly!!






Well you definitely deserve to be proud of this lovely wall hanging! SO CUTE! And very cool that it matches so much of your other holiday decorations. I would hang it up now to get your full use out of it!


This is so cute..I can understand not walking away from it. It was calling to you! Just think how excited you will be to hang it up....and just to be sure you get your $ worth leave it up for 3 months!


So cute!


This is wonderful and a lot of work and it was definitely calling to you! I agree hang it up early so get full enjoyment of it! Nice work:-)


I bet you can't wait til Christmas!! This is beautiful. Worth the time you put into it because it's really nice. I love it. Congrats to you!!


What a fantastic job you did. Nothing wrong with leaving your decorations up for a long time!


What a stunning quilt. Really beautiful.


I have loved this quilt for a long time also! You did beautiful work on this!!


This is gorgeous with a capital G. I'm impressed that it only took you three months. You must have been driven. Excellent job.

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