Breast pads by Batsy




With the arrival of the wee boy imminent I have busily been try to finish off all my baby projects, the latest being breast pads. When I had my first baby I had these wonderful bamboo terry, large, fitted breast pads, I loved them. Later when a friend of mine got pregnant I lent them to her and she loved them as much as I did. Now that we are both pregnant again we are lamenting their disappearance, not to mention that our breast feeding days of needing them will over lap. Step in the popularization of DIY cloth diapering and supplies needed to the rescue! I ordered PUL (think diaper covers) and diaper flannel for us to make our own. 

The pattern is pretty simple, just a circle with a small dart. I experimented with size or circle and dart I tissue paper before making in out of card. I settled on a generous 5" diameter with a 1" dart.

For fabric we are using 1 yard PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) 1Mil and 5 yards of Diaper Flannel. 

To get ready for cutting I cut/ripped the flannel into 1 yard strips to match the PUL and divided the PUL into 2 pieces the same width as the flannel (it is about half the width of the PUL). I then used my card pattern to trace a marker for the pattern directly onto the PUL.

To cut the PUL was layered on top of 2 layers of flannel and all layer cut together in 2 sets (perfect for two people cutting).

For sewing I kept the fabric in the same layered order as cutting and sewed all the darts in one string (no trimming threads in between). We then separated the pieces while at the same time assembling the pad, keeping the order of cutting and staggering the dart seams for a more comfortable fit. In sets of three layers each pad then had the edge serged securing all the layers together. I did find that the right side of the PUL wanted to stick/grab against the pressure foot but a light dusting of cornstarch fixed that.

We now have a total of 80 pads making 40 sets giving us each 20 sets each. I don't think we will have to worry about not having enough. 


tissue paper test patterns
final card pattern
tracing the pattern onto the PUL to make a marker
cut stacks
string of darts
assembled and waiting for finishing





These are genius. I had some cloth ones that I used and loved but I did find that they were prone to getting soaked through and not protecting my clothes as well. The PUL layer will totally solve that!


Mine never soked through but were rather bulky, these are nice and thin.


Where were these 39 years ago when I was nursing my firstborn? I finally found some with the last born 15 years later, but they did tend to leak through because they were all flannel. The PUL makes all the difference. Oh and congratulations on your baby to be.


ARe you going to make this pattern available on your website?


Speattle I could though it really is just a 5" diameter circle. If you are interested if be more then happy to throw it up there for you.


Speattle I just posting it now


Janquilter Thank you!

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON