Modern spring maple by Skynme


Modern maples throw quilt
In Progress


So here is what I am doing with my maple leaf quilt for the pretty in patchwork sew along. 
I obviously don't have any of my stems done yet, and my kitchen table is not going to work to lay it all out.
I  know this is not typical the typical colors for this quilt block. I was going to go with a fall look...and I might on the next one, but I really like the look of the bright spring colors next to the linen.
We will see how it all comes together in the end but so far I like it. Let me know what you think so far...more to come
Started back up on my quilt. Got half of the maple leaf blocks completed tonight. Should be able to finish the rest of the blocks and complete the top tomorrow.





I think you've got some fantastic fabric choices and it's going to look great.


I love the spring colors more than the fall so I think you have every right to make it the way you like it! What color is the linen you are using? It looks like you are ready for one of those portable design walls that you can tack up to the wall. Either that or never let anyone sit down to eat. I do both!


HawkFan Thanks! I think its turning out pretty good so far. I'm really liking the colors together.
Terryt1955 I do LOVE fall, the colors and smells...well and my Birthday is on Halloween so I get lots of candy LOL.
I had been saving my spring house fabric and wanted to use it, and this seemed like a good project for it. When I placed my order I got Essex in Black, Putty, and Flax, but they were short on the Flax color. When they sent what they had, it was exactly the amount that I needed for this pattern...I kind of took it as a sign to use the Flax. So far I love the colors together, and I don't let them eat at the table until I am done...pushes me to finish so they will stop glaring at me. Hoping when DH gets back home he will get so irritated at me he will let me convert one room into my sewing room....master plan in work.


Excellent strategy and one I am employing. My family keeps thinking this is a "phase" that I'll soon grow out of. Ha! I've been obsessed now for 2 years so you'd think they'd get the hint! And I've got so much fabric inventory now there's no way I'm going to move on. Here's to you and me winning our dedicated sewing space and creating a masterpiece like those shown on TB and Pinterest!


Love your spring colors- they are great- and actually, in the fall around here we get a lot of that really bright yellow and the bright green as well-at least pretty close- so it looks to me like you have both seasons covered:)


Mymble Thank you! I agree when I was putting the yellow leaf together I started thinking how I always loved maple trees because of the bright yellow and red leaves in the Fall. The more I put together the more I love this quilt. I should have the top complete by the end of the week so I can post it.


Wow! I love the colors in your quilt. Can't wait to seeeeeee.


You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. It's nice for your dad that he has your support


OH, I really like your color choices! Lovely!

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