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I think I finally finished the last of the baby projects and used many of my leftovers from my other projects. 

Blankets - one of the best pieces of advice my mother-in-law gave me with the birth of my first child was go to the fabric store and get some flannel and make your own reviving blankets. Big ones. That's what I did and I am so glad I did. The commercial ones are so small I didn't use them very long but the ones I made I still use on occasion. Now the wee boy will have his own.

Burp cloths - made using the leftover diaper flannel from the breast pads. 

Change mats - I got a super cute change pad cover and dread having it getting covered in poop. Although it's inevitable I wanted to slow that down a bit, so using more leftovers, flannel from the blanket and PUL for the Boppy cover, I made change mats that can be easily thrown in the wash and will help protect the change pad.


Yellow jersey edged flannel blanket
Teal jersey edged flannel blanket
Teal jersey edged flannel diaper burp cloth
Basic turned edge diaper flannel burp cloth
Yellow topstitched PUL and flannel change mat
Teal topstitched PUL and flannel change mat




Can you elaborate on the jersey edging? That looks wonderful.


Speattle Thank you!
For the blanket I cut 2" strip and seamed it on like bias tape.
First, right sides together at 1/2" sa
I then turned the jersey to wrap around the edge.
Leaving the bottom edge raw (jersey doesn't "fray" and doesn't necessarily need to be finished and I found t too finicky to try to turn it again) I edge stitched the inside edge securing all layers.

For the burp cloth I added it like ribbing.
I folded the jersey in half and serged it to the edge.
I then edge stitched the sa and binding together and finished by ironing it flat.

Hope that helps!


Batsy So, what is the jersey material and where do you get it?

thanks for the detail explanation.


Speattle No problem
I used organic cotton jersey and rayon jersey both ordered from but most fabric stores carry jersey too. Any knit should work, I just personally prefer to work with jersey.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON