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Chevrons from the book pillow pop


Just about a month ago, I enjoyed an amazing visit with my sister, Paula. She spent two weeks here in California and we not only relished the perfect, sunny days and lavender fields, and delicious wine…but we spent a lot of time together sewing.

Because, that is what we do.

It is a passion we share. We love dreaming up our next project together. And we spend a lot of phone time when we are apart talking about quilts.

My sister needs a bit of a bright spot right now. Something to make her smile. Something to let her know I am always there for her and thinking of her…and so the Chevron pattern from Pillow Pop (designed by Brooke Biette from April Two Eighty) seemed like just the right thing to make her. It is a nice 18″ x 18″ size.

This is a fantastic design which uses some bright pops of yellow, lots of neutral solids, and some terrific low volume prints. That great yellow ruler fabric actually came from Paula’s stash because she knew I would love it. There are also some fantastic flower and bird prints, black and white text fabric, a bit of gray chevrons…and of course, dots.

Paula loves dots.

I used a mix of neutral solids which included some linens, cotton, and a blended fabric with a linen feel. The thin black border is black essex linen – a luscious fabric that I know Paula loves.

I pieced the back using more black essex linen, and a gorgeous text fabric also made of linen. The dot fabric hides a black zipper.

I bound it with a pretty yellow stripe fabric, and quilted by echoing the pattern of chevrons…

Paula called tonight - she loves it!!!!

November 9, 2013: Just updating this to add a tag for the Pillow Pop group :)






Well you already know what I think of this one... LOVE it...and love the relationship you two share:-)


True Thanks Mary - you are always so supportive of my creative work...and are such a good friend. hugs


heart heart


Love the pillow !! I wish I had a sister at times!! but I do have 2 great brothers....guess I need to teach them to sew :)


Love it! I have Pillow Pop too- isn't it the most fun? I've done 2 of them and want to make one of each in the book- I think you've inspired me that this one will be next:)))- really wonderful!


All I can say is Wow! What a great sister you are and what a great relationship.


Sewbusy64 Thanks! I feel really lucky to have my sister (I actually have two sisters, but only one who shares my love of quilting :)) Sure, teach your brothers to sew!!! They might love it!

Mymble It is a great book, isn't it? There are so many pillows in there I want to make (and I may have to make this one again - this time for myself!)

HawkFan Thank you so much! We do have a wonderful relationship...and it is so fun to share this obsession with each other!


I can see why she loves it, beautiful job! Its great that you and your Sister have such an amazing bond.


Skynme Thanks! I love the bond I share with my sister!

Carolmarie Absolutely you may pin this - thank you! I really treasure our time with each other and we try to keep in touch by talking every week on the phone when we can't be together.


I pinned it. Beautiful pillow. Have to get my sister to quilt - but she has been making pillows :)


Hurray, I can now tell the world how much I love this pillow. You did a great job, once again. I know Paula is going to love it!!!!! If I had a sister, I would want her to be just like you; then I would get great quilted gifts too! hehehe


Truly scrumptious. I've been toying with the idea to make this from my copy of Pillow Pop - you've inspired me to get my A into G. And I've made a couple of pillows for my sister when she needed a bit of sisterly love recently. It's amazing how much joy a bit of fabric can bring. And not to mention the joy of making and giving. Love in its purest form I reckon.


I'm so glad your sister loves it. I know I do! It's gorgeous!


Ok so this is the best thing I've seen on this board in awhile and that's saying a lot!!


Readerowl Thank you, Karen!

Quilt455 Awwwww! I can be your adopted sister if you like!

kmkauckland absolutely! Just saw your version of this one and I love it. This is such an awesome pattern!

IheartDL thank you so much!

Slicksister Wow, that is high praise indeed! Thank you!!


Caribousmom You ARE my adopted sister....didn't I tell you?


The pillow is as beautiful as its creator! What great memories your sister will have each time she sees this little beauty!!


I don't know how I missed this back in July! So I'm glad you brought it back to life by posting it for Pillow Pop. When I see this pillow I want to rush out and get a bunch of amazing neutrals because that's what makes this pillow pop, i.e. having an amazing background for the pops of color.It reminds me that the neutrals are just as important as the color and that varying them gives it far more interest and texture. LOVE!


Terryt1955 Thanks :) This is a super fun pillow to make for all the reasons you noted...I used all scraps of fabrics and it was really fun!


Love it! It is so fun and fresh. Will have to have look at my stash to see if I can make anything similar to liven up my living room and bring some fresh sunshine in like this pillow brings.


I missed this pillow back in July also but I sure am glad to see it tonight. I love the Chevrons and I especially love the POPS of yellow that really make this pillow. Your sister is lucky, and so are you. I have five sisters and NOT ONE of them is a quilter! How did that happen?? LOL I'm pinning too so I can remember I want to find that book.


Sewhappy You don't need a lot of fabric for this top- just scraps in neutrals and some pops of color will work - can't wait to see yours!

Quilterinmotion I feel very lucky to share my love of quilting with my sister ... we have a lot of fun together :) Glad you like this one...and the book is awesome (if you want to sew along in the book, we've started a Pillow Pop group and we'll start making projects from the book starting in January)


Still love it!!!!

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