Hive 5 -- January Wonky Stars by PurpleIris


Wonky stars


I'm queen of hive 5 for January, and I'd like everyone to make a wonky star block.  They've been showing up recently in the other hives, too, but I swear, I've had this picked out since July!

The tutorial is linked below -- just click the tutorial button.

Color scheme for the star:
I'd like a star in warm OR cool colors -- poke through your stash and see which kind you'd like to make. That is, you could make a "warm" star in reds/oranges/yellows or a "cool" star in greens/blues/purples.  Try to keep the colors bright; for example, if you're using yellow, aim for sunshine rather than mustard.  And remember that I'm a grown up with no children, so think "pretty but not kiddy" when it comes to prints.  My favorite fabrics tend to be batiks and non-representational prints; that is, I gravitate toward random squiggles or geometric patterns rather than prints that show pictures of actual things, like bicycles or flower baskets or musical instruments.  That said, part of the fun of this group is getting blocks in fabrics you'd never have thought of yourself.  Make something you'd like, and I'm sure I'll like it, too!

Please use at least 2 fabrics for the star: one for the center square and one for the points.  This is the fabric layout shown in the tutorial.  If your stash runs to it, you can use as many different fabrics for the points as you like.  The demo star I made for the project photo shows a scrappier version.

Color scheme for the background:
White.  Some kind of white.  I used Kona white for the demo block; the artificial lighting is what makes it look so creamy.  If you don't have Kona white, I don't care.  Use the white you've got; even white-on-white prints are ok by me.  I'd prefer NOT to have a scrappy background, though, since this quilt is going to be plenty busy with all the different colored stars!

Siggy block:
Yes, please!  If you could make it like the square blocks we made in December for Menolly13, that would be lovely. 

Where to send it:
I'm moving next weekend, so be sure to double-check the address document to get my new address.  Receiving these blocks will be a wonderful house-warming present!  

And for those of you patient folks waiting for a block from me...I just need to unearth the box in the storage unit with the pressure feet in it!  I packed the pressure feet and the sewing machine in different boxes, because I am very, very well organized, and because I thought it would put me in a holiday mood to spend two weeks at my dad's house with a pile of patchwork, a sewing machine, and no pressure feet...


cool colored wonky star





So pretty!


Love how it sparkles!


Oh-oh. I had to take my main machine in to be serviced because it was acting crazy halfway through a quilting. Then I was using my little Pfaff Passport and it freaked out, too (and I'm so close to finishing the quilt!) so I have to take it in today. Hopefully it's just a tension thing they can fix right there. If not then I am without a machine until Feb 7 :-( so there is a possibility my blocks will be tardy. So frustrating, sine that is why I recently bought the 2nd machine!


emptysea I'm not worried about get the blocks in on time. I hope you can get your machine fixed, though. That has to be just maddening!


Well, I have to confess. I should have know I was too tired to be messing around with my sewing machine. Turns out it was totally operator error :-)
I wasn't catching the tension in my bobbin. Who hasn't done that, tho :-)
Solo, I just finished your wonky stars and have to go look for that wiggy block tut from last month. I'll get them in the mail tomorrow and load the photos in my studio tonight! Yay!


Yikes on the typos there... :-)


Okay - the photos are finally in my studio. Will get them in the mail tomorrow or Thursday, for sure~!
And I received your color wheel block today~! Yay~! It's beautiful! and thanks so much for the extra fabric.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON