August, Hive #4, Improv Log Cabins by Missriain


In Progress


I'm lucky enough to be queen this month for Newbee's hive #4. Here's where I'll post all my blocks as I receive them. 

Update one: I finally made some test blocks for my bee mates to see. Really, any sort of improv log cabin will be great. I tried some that were totally random (each log a different color), and a few that have more of a 'square in a square' effect (rings being made up of a uniform color) and I like both!!! Plus you get to see a picture of my exploded solid scraps. I am not and never will be a tidy quilter. :smile:

Update two: I've received almost all of my August blocks, and I love them so very much. Each one is stunning on its own, and I love how they look together.  I still have a few more blocks of my own to finish, and I think one more is still in the mail. Then I'll give some serious thought to sashing. All I know for certain is that I don't want white. :smile: 


On my sister's bed. The orange is intense, but it reaffirms that I definitely want a sashing with some color to it.
First few test blocks.
What happens when I sew with scraps (at my mom's house no less).
The collection is already growing (since I can't seem to stop making them).
On my mom's design wall.





Wow, thanks for the great examples and ideas. Can't wait to get going on this! (And jealous of your stash of scraps!)


Wow, wonderful collection of scraps. My choice of solids very limited. Will see if I can find some more at FOQ this weekend. I have made one block already, but if I can get some more colours I will make another one.


Terrysim Capetowngirl - I'm a complete nut for solids (as you might have guessed), and I sew with them quite a bit, hence the scraps. And Capetowngirl - a limited palette is totally awesome. I won't discourage you from stashing more solids because I'm a huge believer in solids make everything more awesome, but please don't feel obliged to buy them on my account. smile


Love the pic with the blocks against the grass. You should consider setting these blocks with that grey green color. It really shows off your blocks.


I love log cabin blocks! This is a wonderful, free form variation! Well done!


I just ordered a bunch of solids from Fabricworm so bear with me for not being able to get started on this. I think I"ll do a test run while waiting just to get the "wonkiness" factor mastered. LOVE the picture of your scraps all over the place while sewing at your mom's. Put a BIG smile on my face!


I like this one it will be a bit of a challenge for me, but I feel I can adapt and go wonky. lol


going to love trying this block and solids....i have never made anything with totally solids ;)


I love your blocks. One day I am going to try some out for myself.


Terryt1955 Yeah - it only ever takes about ten minutes and it looks like a bomb has gone of in her fabric stash :-) But I am amazed at how Riain can take plain old solids and do magic things with them. You guys should have a great time playing with this block. MTC


emptysea you are the "mom" referred to in the picture?! Somehow that makes it even funnier! But how cool that you guys share blood and quilting!


Terryt1955 Even funnier is that I got Mom into quilting when I got, ahem, obsessed, a few years ago, and not the other way around as most people assume. smile


Love it! What a good daughter you are even if you do create chaos in her sewing room.


Oh boy!! My block is very not square...if you like it I will leave it and let you square it as you wish/need to. This was my first to work with solids & I enjoyed it. Let me know if you think it will work...seriously!!


These are so fun! However, I must say, in the picture on the orange bed, from the top, row 2, block 3 - I need an entire quilt made of that block! I can't stop staring at it!


Wow this is going to be one fantastic quilt! I really like the fresh feel to it and the colors .


So many different interpretations of "improvisation" ... they will look great with a bold colourful sashing .. the orange looks more like dark salmon ,,,


All these blocks, so different, are really looking nice together. You could not have planned it better if you had tried. Amazing!


Wow, what a great quilt this is going to be! Thanks for sharing the photos as you plan the layout. Of course I always look for "my" block, but it is so fun to see all the ways your instructions were interpreted. There are no "wrongs" in this quilt, only "rights!"


Missriain I bet this would look awesome sashed with kona Eggplant. It would make all those colors pop. I can't wait to see what you choose.


just seeing all the blocks together = awesome!


I love the look of solids in wonky blocks - have only made a few using some of my own hand-dyed stuff, and I like 'em. I've made TONS of wonky blocks with printed scraps, and I so appreciate seeing how you've put them together - sashing is WONDERFUL!! Thanks for doing and then, sharing!

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