A-Line Skirt, Orange and Grey by mskittyfantastico


In Progress


12.8.13 later

Started on the top layer of the skirt with a little practice on some scrap - using the standard height and width of stitch on tension 2 and 3 notches.


I've been trying to overcome my Sewing Fear all year, since I bought a fancy new sewing machine, and make myself some clothes that, you know, fit.  The Sewing Fear has now got to the point where my normally supportive and lovely boyf is openly extracting the Michael, so I am MAKING myself sew this skirt. 

It's been a long process: I started drafting the original pattern (using Sew What Skirts) MONTHS ago, like March or something, and had different material in mind - but the other material had a linear sort of pattern that I'm worried won't work with A-Line and *insert further excuses here*.

Anyway, I redrafted. I toile-ed. I redrafted again, with dartier-darts. I have now actually sewn up the lining.

And because I'm a glutton for punishment and I like making work for myself, I'm trying to do a bang-up job on the inside of the skirt, too - on the lining, I've french-seamed everything, and even done fancy top-stitch on the back seam, which I'll attach to the zip area by hand at the end. 

I've not hemmed the lining yet, I figured I'd best do that last so that I get it nice and straight and don't have to undo anything.  Means more thread-changing in the machine, cause I did the topstitch in orange on the white, to match the fabric of the skirt, but apparently I'm a make-work-for-self sewer, so who cares!

Tension for the lining was 2, default width and height for stitches.
Top stitching on lining is no. 97, with tension set to 4, width 4.5 and height 2. 


The fabric
Top stitching on the lining





I love the flea market prints, and the detailing your adding is amazing.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON