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Here is my sewing space, really our dining room converted into a sewing room.  :smile:





Great sewing space. I am soon to be back on the dinning room table myself. I have been lucking to have a complete large room for myself to sew but we are down sizing to a smaller house, so back I go. Which is fine with me. I have decided that if I have my machine then I can quilt anyways. Please post your projects as we would love to see them. Remember to enjoy the journey cause that is what it is really all about.


Who needs a dining room anyways! You really just need it twice a year so making it your sewing room is far more practical. And your table is nice and long:perfect for spreading out on.


I love that you've picked up quilting at 18. Super awesome! Keep it up and thanks for sharing your sewing space with us! ~Jennifer at Ellison Lane


Dining room sewing space has served me well for years. Now that I have my own space I still go back to the dining room when I need a big table. Looking forward to seeing all the quilts and projects you will create there.


A big table, that's an important thing. Hate sewing in a cramped space. Even though I have a room just for sewing, I still have to do my cutting on the kitchen table, and it's not near as spacious as yours (but it gets the job done)


Great space, great light, and do I spy an awesome IKEA rolling cart? ( I have been eyeing them for a while now and am thinking of getting one) I use the dining room about 1/2 the time, and it will soon be all the time as my daughter moves back in soon and is reclaiming her space ( the nerve !!!! ;) It's awesome that you are starting quilting- you have come to a great place to get inspired. And, welcome to the very prestigious (ahem;) Dining Room Sewing Club.


I remember these days well. As a teen, I too turned the dining table into my sewing spot. Our dining room had 2 walls of casement windows, so there was plenty of light. It was a great space to sew in.


Mymble Yes! I love my Ikea rolling cart! It is very handy and stores all of my supplies.

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