Hive #3 - September by Chriservin


Slab block
In Progress


UPDATE 10-02-13:  I've received several beautiful blocks already.  Thank you all for the wonderful contributions!

September is my month to be queen bee of Hive 3, and I decided to ask everyone to make what I've seen referred to as a slab block.  They remind me a bit of a log cabin block, but you don't stick with the same size of strips to make this block.  They give you lots of room to use your creativity and scraps.  I have yet to find a true tutorial for this, but the principle is discussed in several blogs.  If you have the book "Sunday Morning Quilts," there is helpful information in there as well.

Most of the blogs will refer to 15 1/2-inch block, but of course with this bee we were focused on 12 1/2-inch blocks. 

I have little criteria to personalize the blocks for me:  1. I'd like a piece of solid white somewhere in the middle of the block.  Don't worry about it being smack-dab in the middle.  That's not necessary.  I used Kona for my white in my samples.

2. I made one with bigger chunks (the gray block) and one with smaller (the orange block).  It turned out I did prefer a smaller piecing than the larger, but I will leave that to your choice.  I like a bit of wonkiness in my blocks if you enjoy adding that feature in, but it is not crucial.

3.  Color scheme - bold and brights, grays, whites.  Maybe you find the color you have the most of in your stash and go with it! Not really enthused with browns or earth colors. 

As I mentioned above, it's a perfect chance to find some scraps and use them.  I hope you have fun!

PS - My son is getting married mid-Sept, followed by our last camping trip of the year. As you might guess, it's very busy around here getting ready for out-of-town guests and prep for the big day.  I usually check in here once a day, but if I'm not responsive, you'll know why.






I love this block! Do you know what the orange squiggle fabric is at the bottom left of the block? I will have to try this, what a great use for scraps!


I'm sorry, I don't. Almost the whole block is made with fabric from a swap with my guild.


bethanymartini , it's Happy Drawing by Cloud 9 Fabrics.

I love this block, I may have to try it.


This is a really interesting block and I have never seen it before. Will get started on it soon. I think it would be okay if you change it to a 15 1/2 in block if that is what you really want.


I made three of these blocks (have a project page for them) for a charity quilt and they are lots of fun and great stashbusters. I love your gray block - I've only seen rainbow colored blocks before. You're going to have a very nice quilt when you're done


Wow.. I love the colours. starting mine this weekend can't wait.


The wedding is over and the kids are on their honeymoon. I have recuperated and the last of visiting family departs tomorrow. In the meantime I received 3 beautiful blocks and I cannot wait to get started.


Glad the wedding is over and celebrated! These are great blocks! I love the "slab" method. Great for scraps. Looking forward to your quilt.


Wow, these blocks are looking great together.


I love the orange block! They all look so cool together.


I love this block! I just joined Hive #6 and I'm contemplating Hive #7 as well - I may just choose this block as one of my Queen blocks :)

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